Electrical 1g To 2g Alternator Wiring Help


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Aug 20, 2013
Okay I am making a push to get the Daddywagon on the road. This is a 1985 Ford LTD fox chassis station wagon. The car was originally equipped with 3.8 CFI. I swapped in a 1986 5.0, and I have later (89 maybe?) alternator also. I know 3G is the way to go, but I just want to get this running and driving before I go all out. There is 1 wire coming out of the firewall that is white/black that I can't find where it is going (ignition maybe?). Does anyone familiar with 1g know what this wire does? Voltage sensing? My plan is to buy the rectifier and voltage regulator plugs and fusible links to the starter relay. I'm just not sure about that 1 w/b wire going into firewall. I located the battery light wire already.
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