1k to spend...need ideas.

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  1. ok i am soon to have about 1000$ spare cash laying around and i cant think of what to do maybe....

    i have gone and rebuilt my engine, tranny and have a good rearend under the car, its running good. i just bought a set of nice draglites so i dont need wheels either.

    mods are
    70mm TB with 73mm MAF
    BBK headers
    O/R Hpipe
    bullet mufflers
    KC clutch
    3.90 gears

    was thinking, either

    start gathering for a mild SC

    suspension, rear control arms and a nice set of back rims with slicks and alum DS while i am at it.

    body stuff, i want to paint my whole car and get the panels straight

    any more ideas. i dont want to mess with my engine its running good.
  2. I would go with suspention work, thats my next mod im not goin all out for it because my frames not in the greastest shape lol, but yea suspention fTw...
  3. well i left 86 engine all stock and still remains all stock...ive upgraded suspension

    global west lower centrifical control arms,
    4 koni red shocks
    1.9 inch lowering sprinds 640 front 400 back...
    kuhmo ecsta performance all season tires

    And the car feels tottaly different you wont recognize it as a mustang its much more recoverable when rear breaks loose, and leeps and bounds a much better car now.Ii run rings around stock or drag mustangs when it comes to dipping anywhere .... unlike stock it when lost the rear it was so slow & lazy comming back (very scary) understeered like crazy and was embaressed by gettin out manuvered by almost every car literally......... i can imagine with the rest subframes adjust rear sway and centrifical upper arms...but i love my car alot more then my 88 mild drag & engine moded car..i was no fun for me to be carfull and just reliing on str8 aways....

    but mine isent being built for drag if thats what ur planing i say shocks stick with stock springs (if ur on a budget) definetly subframes, do the arms and tires first....oh and dont forget gears a must for drag
  4. nos 2 of the big ones. And a tuna sammich
  5. SFC's....Shifter....rear CA's....aluminum D/S
  6. :Word:
  7. You can get a real nice nitrous setup for 1000, get an NX gemini kit
  8. hellz yeah. get a badass nitrous kit... I did.
  9. SFC's and suspension. Take advantage of the holeshot, that is where my car and a lot of foxes run as well as they do.

    After I get my h/c swap done, the suspension and et streets for the 10 holes is next. Can't wait to smoke the factory clutch though lol.
  10. I would go with NOS, spend about 3/4 on a good kit and save the rest on filling the bottle !!!

    The feeling is great when you push the button.....:nice:
  11. :Word: X2
  12. I'd say shifter,subframes,used nitrous kit, RCA's, and do something with the torque boxes.
  13. make that x3...it is no fun having a car with a built motor that cant put the power to the ground or cant 60ft worth a s#*t...
  14. i already have SFCs and a shifter. i will grab the alum DS and rear control arms.
  15. Dont do control arms without welding up your torque boxes, you'll rip them apart. I'd do those and get a nitrous kit like I stated before. NX makes a nice setup, wot switch with a window switch seems to work great for GearHd6. That should take care of most of the $1,000.
  16. spray was the best bang for the buck I ever got for my car. Its hard to spend all the money on one thing, seems like youre getting more buying all this other light bolt on stuff, but you wanna go fast for cheap, nitrous is the way to go.
  17. Paul Walker would tell you NOS is they way to go
  18. x2
  19. as i always say built your platform first before you make the power