1st round Playoff Predictions

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  1. Yeah, my fav. time of the year... The Stang comes out and the hockey playoff, ahhh heaven :hail2: :hail2:

    So what's yer predictions for Round 1 ?

    Here's mine:



    TB-NYI : Tampa in 6

    OTT-TOR : woah, rivalty here, Toronto in 7

    PHIL-NJ : NJ in 7


    DET-NASH: Det in 6

    CAL-VAN : Calgary, big surprise, in 7.

    SJ-STL : San Jose in 6.

    DAL-COL : Dallas in 6.

    MONTREAL ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Boston, Tampa, TORONTO, Philie

    Detroit, Vancouver, Sj, Col
  3. WTF DUDE?

  4. DA BRUINS !!
  5. You wish.
  6. Theres no way that you can be a real canadian and cheer for the bruins.

    My predictions are DET in 6 / SJ in 7 / VAN in 6 / COL in 5

    NYI in 7 / NJ in 7 / TOR in 6 / BOS in 6

    Sadly I believe that Toronto and Boston will both advance :notnice: :notnice:

    EDIT: Nevermind the canadian comment. Figured it out afterwards
  7. Hockey??!!?? :shrug: Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. COLORADO in 1 =oD
  9. Back then I used to love the Canadians. When they had Corson, Nilan, Kordic, etc. They knew how to fight and they had other really good players to score.

    But now since the last 10 years or so, they suck and are just a bunch of little wussies.

    But I am a Canadian. Nordiques rules !