1st time 347 Stroker owner

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Jgruggs, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Just got a 347 in a 92 coup and need some advice on some things. It has a 150 shot plumbed up and has been run before....car has set for several months. I need new plugs...what kind/how hot? I am making the car street legal, so I changed out the 3in straight pipes with turndowns , virtually no mufflers...awefully loud, but what a sound! Changed to 3in with magnaflow free flowing exhaust out the rear. Put a new set of Nittos out back, the slicks just aren't street friendly. Gonna add some gauges...oil press., water temp, fuel press....car has oil press gauge, but I don't like the look or location, any ideas where I can install and what type? Any other gauges I might need? They were purging the N2 thru the motor?? I am adding a purge system from Harris Speed Works and a few other items. Any tips for a new stroker owner? Previous owner said it ran 1040's on the gas...outta be a blast. I am going to a tuner soon as I install all gauges and purge system , just wanted to change plugs before I took it in. Also, 1 small problem, I believe the injectors are leaking down after I kill it...it will not start after running for several minutes untill you let it sit for an hour or so. Then fires right up and purrs. Don't know what size injectors are in at this time, what size would I need if I decide to change em out? Thanks for any and all advice.
  2. I would go 42# on a 347 . Also the injectors might not be the problem.
  3. 42 is correct
  4. 42lbers for a n/a 347? sounds pretty big to me...unless it's running a dry shot and you need the extra fuel? but still sounds big for when you're not sprayin...
  5. Yes 42's sound a little big to me. Im running 42's on a pretty decent 408 with no problems so I would think 36's would be more than enough for a N/A 347 but thats just my 2 pennies
  6. Im running 30# injectors with a 150 dry shot in a 347 and have had no problems with this combo. I also only run race fuel on the bottle and have an msd adjustable timing control so I can back down the timing when I'm on the bottle. Maybe I'm just lucky but this has worked well for me.
  7. For what it's worth, I regularly work on a 347ci engine that made 413whp/419 ft-lbs of torque NA that has Lucas 36lb injectors in it. Fuel pressure is set at 41psi. Even with the 36's in it, there's a LOT of room for growth...