1st time porting pics what u think!!!!

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  1. Just wanted to show you all what i been upto the past month. First time doing this so i want to make sure i do it right the first time.

    I'm also looking fo some clear pics of the head cutaway showing the water jackets i have a couple that were posted awhile back. I'm looking for a good pic showing a closeup of the outer intake passage. I hope this made some since.


    I tried to get the clearest ones my camera really sucks ass!!!

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  2. LOL my gosh you sure worked that head over! that one port the mountain of metal that goes around the valve stem is completely gone! Some cut away pictures would be awsome at this point. I've seen some pretty radical intake port jobs, but i found out the hard way why you cant smooth the exhuast the same way .....WATER JAKETS! hehe, anyways nice job :nice:
  3. You have taken too much material from the valve guides. They are there to do just that , guide the valves properly. You have taken most of that action away from the head. I'de find another head if I were you and leave a good 1/16" around the guide as you port.

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  4. I figured somebody would say that!!!! I had a feeling i screwed up somewhere.
    I have a picture where someone has done the same thing.
    It looks like they have a sleeve for the valve stem that would go in place of the bump. Therefore allowing you to get rid of the hump!!!
  5. Will this not work??? I thought the whole idea was to open up the passage and free it from restrictions.
  6. it will probably work, but the valve doesnt have enough material to hold it perfectly straight anymore, so eventually it will bounce around and ding up the valve seat and you'll lose compression... not to mention some of the valve guide acts as a nice bump to direct the air down into the chamber rather than right past it hitting the end of the port, then finally into the chamber... i have the head cut pix on a hard drive around here... ill post em up in a few...
  7. nice job but yeah, like the others said...u took to much from the valve guides :(
  8. If you look inside well i know the pics aint the greatest. But the back wall is actually angled down it doesn't bottom out in the back which in sense i think should give it a consistent flow to the valve.

    I took some measurements from the valve seat port lip to the original bump and measurements to the furthest lip of the valve guide and this is what i have.
    1"11/64ths =1.171
    1"45/64ths =1.703
    Difference of 34/64ths =.531

    I plan on using this kit........http://http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&mfcisapicommand=ViewItem&item=2445222279

    I figured thes valve guides would make up what support i would need to make up for the bump which would be intake side of valve stem 1/2 inch and a 1/4 inch back side of stem and thats measureing from the lip of the valve seat.

    i guess i'll see
    Thanks for the info guys..