1st Time to the track in 2 years.....


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Mar 15, 2002
Spanaway, Washington
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Well after a long break, I finaly got the car down the Bremerton 1320. Drove the car 1 hour to the track, and 1 hour back. Only got to make 3 runs do to weather going bad at the end. Didnt have one single issue with the car, and I'm all wet in the pants after today

Setup for all three runs:

4 year old Nitto DR's @ 16 PSI tire pressure
92 Octane gas
13 PSI boost
launching at 2000 RPM's, and quick shifting out of first due to traction issues.

1st Run:
R/T--- .671
60--- 2.198
330--- 5.284
1/8--- 7.727
MPH--- 101.04
1000--- 9.792
1/4--- 11.510
MPH--- 132.98

2nd Run:
R/T--- .642
60--- 2.303
330--- 5.398
1/8--- 7.832
MPH--- 101.75
1000--- 9.914
1/4--- 11.652
MPH--- 130.62

3rd Run
R/T--- .366
60--- 2.157
330--- 5.268
1/8--- 7.689
MPH--- 102.55
1000--- 9.745
1/4--- 11.460
MPH--- 131.21

Going to try and find some good tires, so I can try and get the pump gas tune into the 10's, then I will change to the C16 tune and really see what the car has.

Had an awesome time. Will post video's of the last 2 runs as soon as I can.

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Mar 15, 2002
Spanaway, Washington
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Very nice times, with that MPH you have 10's in that.

According to NHRA rule book, if you run 9.99 or 135 MPH or faster you need a full roll cage (10 point :shrug: ). The cars I have seen run 131-132 MPH are running 10.0's to 10.2's just to give you an idea.

From the rule book:

* 13.99 or quicker must have Snell 90, 95, K98, 2000, SFI 31.1A ,31.2A, 41.1A, OR 41.2A helmet
* If car hits T-tops or is a convertible, the driver must have Snell 90, 95, K98, 2000, SFI 31.1A ,31.2A, 41.1A, OR 41.2A helmet
* Neck collar mandatory in all cars running 9.99 or quicker or exceeding 135 M.P.H.
* Convertibles must have roll bar if running 13.99 or quicker
* Automatic transmission lines must be high pressure type
* Pressurized containers (i.e.air bottles)must be D.O.T. approved
* Hood scoops may not extend more than 11 inches above original hood surface
* Carb return springs If linkage altered, must have toe loop on pedal
* All holes in floor, firewall, and rear must be plugged
* Fuel block or regulator must be 6 inches from firewall and rear must be plugged
* No more than 12 inches of rubber hose in fuel system from tank to carb
* No fuel lines in drivers compartment
* Retention strap mandatory with traction bars
* Drive shaft loop required 13.99 or quicker
* Roll bar mandatory in all cars running 11.00-11.99
* Roll cage mandatory in all vehicles running 10.99 or quicker or any car exceeding 135 mph.
* Three inch driver restraint system (seat harness) SFI Spec 16.1 mandatory in any car 11. 99 or quicker and convertibles 13.99 and quicker.
* Master cut-off mandatory for vehicles 9.99 and quicker or 135 m.p.h. or if battery is relocated.
* Jacket required at 10.00 to 11.99 meeting SFI Spec 3.2A/I
* Jacket and pants (meeting SFI Spec 3.2 A/5) and gloves (meeting SFI Spec 3.3/1) required at 9.99 to 7.50 or any vehicle exceeding 135 m.p.h.
* Only factory tint on windows
* Must have metal valve stems 11.99 or quicker
* 9.99 cars must be chassis certified and have NHRA license.


Mar 3, 2006
Nutley, NJ
I really wish I had a fast car...but is that really true with the 13.99 for a vert??.....If that is the case and I use my nitrous at the track I will probably need a roll cage then