1st Track Run -- Man, was this cool as %@^# @! or what

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by motorCITY, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. First time @ the track this Saturday. Got a couple runs in. Holy Cow! What an experience.


    For those of you experienced @ the track, I totally understand the meaning of "the launch" and how important it is, as I messed both of mine up. I also quickly realized that some Drag Radials would have definitly been helpful. Any feedback, comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

    For those of you who has never been before, you really need to witness it first hand -- in the drivers seat! All the vids & reviews are great, but to be waiting for those lights to drop is an incredible feeling. To be worried about your launch and then find yourself next to a car so loud you can't even feel or hear your own . . . priceless! :)
  2. Your mph are great.103.46 is a very high MPH for a 14 sec run. That looks more liek a good 13.6 run with a better launch. Are you powershifting and shifting right at redline? I had a solid rear, so im not experienced with the IRS on launches, but id imagine its a bit harder. I bet you could hit 13.6's or better without any other mods. Get a Tri-Ax. GOOD JOB :nice:
  3. Decent runs. Try getting drag radials and you'll get into the low 13's.
  4. i know what you mean about the experience. i went for the first time about two weaks ago. we had a blast. my best run was a 13.7 at 101. with a 2.0 60' time. if i can get that time with my car on street tires then you shoud be in the 13.5 to 13.6 range. i never thought it would be hard to drag race until i did it. the first pass i did i wasn't ready at all. i staged looked down, looked up, and saw the third amber. so i dumped the clutch and hit the gas out of panic and almost stalled the car. then i missed 2nd. it took three tries to get it into 2nd gear. i ended up with a 15.1 at 99mph. i was so embarassed. like you said it just takes practice. my fourth run ever was my 13.7. i still have some work to do on my launches and my reaction times. hopefully i will pull a faster pass today as i am going back to the track. oh, by the way, that first run was against a jeep. i only won by 1 sec. that would have sucked. good luck at the track and i am sure that you will get the hang of it. :nice:
  5. ... that's an awesome story 98svtconvert. I can totally relate!! I actually have a video of my second run -- let's just say that's one video I won't be posting online. Got my azz handed to me by a truck -- can even hear the crowd laughin' at me in the background. :D

  6. yeah but it was a 12 second truck. no shame in losing to that. nice job for your first time. just work on that launch and you have low-mid 13's :nice: