1st Winter Storage

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  1. Do I need to do anything?

    So this may sound stupid but my car has been in SoCal for its 20 year life so this was not a concern. Here its getting cold and winter is around the corner. Do I need to prepare? It has antifreeze in it. I was planning on starting it up every week or so just for fun

    So can I just leave it covered in the shop, like most any other time?
  2. Don't start it up once a week unless you can get it fully warmed up by prolonged driving. The quick starts can cause more harm than good.

    Trickle charge, park it with a fresh oil change, full tank of gas with fuel stabilizer in it, and overinflate the tires. That's usually the extent of my winter storage.
  3. Yep, all that and if you wanna go an extra step and/or if you're concerned about mice/rats/etc, put the car up on 4 jack stands, moth ball it, etc. I hear a lot of guys talk about changing the oil before storage, but that to me is silly because the oil just sits in the pan not doing anything but aging, so I personally just leave the current oil in it and do an oil change first thing before the first start up in the spring.
  4. I do fuel stabilizer (obviously let it run through the lines and injectors), and I agree with 85_SS about the oil. I know it makes people feel good, but I find it a waste as it sits in the pan and never circulates into the engine. Just change it before you start it come spring. I plan to do the jack stand thing this year, as it cant be bad on the tires to get the pressure off them for 5-6 months rather than sitting on the same spot for that time. Wouldnt hurt to buy an antifreeze tester and be sure your antifreeze is a strong enough mixture not to freeze up on extreme cold nights (assuming ID gets as cold as we do here in IA).
  5. I park it, trickle charge it, and that's it. I change the oil in the spring when it's time to play once again!
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  6. Im about the same, but mine is usually setup for "emergency nice day" I.e. it gets driven as long as there's no salt on the road or its not getting winter upgrades...the last couple years have been mild enough where it would only really have to sit for about a week at a time
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  7. Mine is stored in a heated garage so I do most of the things mentioned. However, no one has said they cancel their regular insurance and put storage insurance on it instead. That saves me about $500.
  8. damn, I'm glad i'm insured through Haggerty. $207 a year, full coverage, and agreed upon value. Doesn't get any better than that!
  9. My haggerty quote was like 400. Whay did you do to get it down that low?
  10. sorry, my mistake. I'm with Grundy!
  11. Grundy huh? Research time. What was your agreed upon replacement price? Do you have a set mileage every year?
  12. American Collector

    450 a year
    38k agreed value
  13. Wow. Not the plan for me looks like
  14. Ive got $12k agreed upon value, full coverage on everything, no mileage restrictions, no receipts or appraisal needed and $207/year!!
  15. From who? I just redid the hagerty quote. $10000 and 2000 miles is $507. $15000 and 2000 miles is $627
  16. sorry, I corrected above, mines with Grundy
  17. I combined posts. Thought the low mile high price was the grundy quote. Have to look at them.
  18. I wash, wax, change the oil, put stabil in the fuel, a couple boxes of flow thru baking soda boxes inside the car, bounce sheets under the hood, and I start the car about once a month or so and let it warm up to operating temps as the owners manual suggests.
  19. Jack stands, top off fluids and start it up to operating temp once a month. Mine has no road time so I don't worry about fresh oil yet.
  20. Old oil become contaminated from the by products of combustion. Get it hot enough and it begins to form an acid that can cause corrosion. Ever disassemble an old engine and find orange staining? That from the acidic effects of old oil and sitting.

    Changing the oil should reduce the amount of this acidic oil. Change the oil, run engine for a short time and the old oil should be flushed/diluted before storage.

    With that said...I sometimes leave old oil in there.