1st Winter Storage

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  1. HAhahahahah I feel your pain. I'm building a coffee cup Stirling engine just for fun, and I've had a moral dilemma buying materials for it because Lowe's doesn't specify the alloy and yield strength of their aluminum angle stock. You know, for an engine that will bear no load and probably wont spin over 2000 RPM. :nonono:
  2. What?? 750 lbs over 3 sf = 250 psf. I'll bet you never gave a thought to the 10 guy and gals chatting on your balcony. I would be more concerned if it was a waterbed but even then the psf static load isn't that great. But what do I know, I'm only an MSBA guy.
  3. Yeah I know...silly, but that's just how I think.

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  4. McMaster-Carr


    I'm the same way. Lowes metals prob come from China anyway. I could tell you some stories about some of our Chinese suppliers forging steel Certs and inspection reports.

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  5. LOL at thread twists.

    Anyhow I prolly wont do the 55 gallon drums until summer and only if I drive the car a lot.
  6. @GroverDill do you ever have any intentions of taking your car to the track?

    Yea, I love that website, but it's hard to buy small stuff in small quantities. I ended up finding a local hobby shop that carried a variety of decent quality small tubes/rods/plates that at least listed the alloy.
  7. I hope to next year. I haven't had it on a track since it was stock in 98 or 99

    I should run deep into the 13's!
  8. 13's?? is that @ 1/4 throttle?
  9. Lots of torkz and :poo:ty driver = slow times and tons of wheelspin :)
  10. LOL, if you can even keep it pointing forward. That car just might take flight if you can keep traction.
  11. Ambitious goals you have there! I wouldn't be happy till it went 12.9's though

    I'm hoping to squeak an 11.50 out of mine next season! :rolleyes:

  12. Mikey, you're a man after my own heart. I do exactly the same storage techniques. Starting a dry engine once a month, listen to that, starting a dry engine once a month, will do more damage to the engine bearings than just leaving it sit til spring. In the spring, I remove the dizzy and spin the oil pump with a drill. I made my own tool for this. I get about 60 psi, then button everything up, reset timing and I'm a happy camper.