2 05 Silver GT's spotted in South Florida!!

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  1. Not the best pics, but here ya go!
    These were spotted on Fort Lauderdale, Beach.


  2. holy griany picture batman! what did you take those with, a cell phone?
  3. Is that guy flipping the bird at the guy taking the picture? Are they Mules? (must be)
  4. looks like they are from Michigan
  5. Yes they are mules. The guy is from another mustang messageboard. Yes, they were taken with a cell camera. When he looked into the car they had all the gizzmos and gadgets still hooked up to it.
  6. I see Ford is making sure there will be no hitches when the car is introduced. Ford seems to be going the extra miles with durability testing. You see these cars in Florida, a white one in the desert, and one driving in 6-7 inches of snow from other threads. I think there will be little or no recalls because of the amount of tests that are being conducted.
  7. Car looks great but they really need to put the rear end on a diet.
  8. Not ME...

    I didn't take these. I got them from a thread at tchracing.com.
  9. Lol, i like the slimmer rear too. Oh wait they already had those on the musclecars...god forbid good taste comes back in style
  10. Sitting next to the RX-7, those things look huge.
  11. Did I see a gas cap, FINALLY back on the driver's side where it belongs?????
  12. Is this or is this not the same Silver shade as the awesome NAIAS car? It looks lighter. If it's not, WHY not use that perfect gunmetal shade from the show???
  13. You've got to take lighting into consideration as well as photoquality.

    Looks like the sun was setting in that pic combine that with grainy photophone image = innacurate color shading.

    I wonder though...why do so many people have the impulse to flip off the camera?
  14. Because the lame ass in the picture is probably a Chevy owner and is just venting his frustration .... What a tool ..
  15. im confused...why the emblem in the middle of the rear just for decoration??? I think if they made it the gas door, in the back, it would be cleaner looking and would also provide for lesser stupidity! God i hate when people go to pull up to the pumps and look out their windows to see which side that tank is on. That really isnt a trait of a musclecar driver
  16. When the gas tank was in the trunk like that, it was a big problem in rear end crashes cause gas would spray into the cabin. I think they were just trying to go with the old look with the gas cap in the back.
  17. Its a badge, period...it looks cool.

    As for the silver colour....
    No it is NOT the same colour as the NAIAS colour. That was Titanium and won't be offered on the 05 stang.
    The 05 Stang is Satin Silver (same as the 2002 mustang silver)
    it is lighter
  18. I THINK THAT badge is hideous just like the 04 aniverssery badge. everything needs to be shrunk in the rear :notnice:
  19. Any word on if the Titanium color from NAIAS will become available at some point?
  20. You can't judge how the car looks (rear end) from these photos. The lens on a cell cameral is a wide angle which makes objects near the cell camera look larger than they really are.

    We've discussed the rear gas filler ad nausium. You will never see a rear gas cap again due to crash regs. The gas tank is under the rear seat, which would make a rear gas filler silly even if it could the crash test.