For Sale (2) 17x10.5 American Muscle rims


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Nov 11, 2018
New York
*For sale are 2 American Muscle 17x10.5” deep dish bullet black rims. The lug pattern is 5x4.5. These Will fit any 94-04 mustang as well as possibly other cars. These rims will help give you that muscle car stance your looking for, gives it a staggered look.

- Rims will come with the 315/35/17 NITTO NT555 tires on it, however one tire needs to be replaced completely as it won’t hold air. The other tire can be used as is and holds air. However I recommend changing both at the same time.

-Both rims are definitely driver quality. There are some marks on the chrome and black but the chrome is overall in great shape still and the black is in very good condition.
Fits 94-04, located in Babylon , NY .

NEGOTIABLE-Shoot me an offer!


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