2.3 4cyl. Why does it have 8 plugs?

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  1. I just bought a 93 mustang and was looking under the hood and discovered that it had 8 plugs and 2 distributors and i was wondering why Ford did this.
  2. It doesn't have two distributors, it has two coil packs.

    Basically, it was done for emissions reasons and nothing else. I've heard conflicting reports about the second set of plugs, some people say they fire on the exhaust stroke, others say both plugs fire on the combustion stroke.

    At any rate, that's why they did it.
  3. thanks for the info
  4. I bet it has alot more power than my 88 vert

  5. If 17 hp is a lot more, then yes it does.
  6. does anyone know of a turbo that will bolt on to my engine? the only turbos i can find are for honda and acura 4 cyl cars
  7. I assumed both sets of plugs fired on the combustion stroke maybe a little apart from each other to achieve a longer burn, but I don't know for sure. As far as turbo, I asked that question in my "Hello and have a question" post. The 8 plug engine is not well suited for turbo.
    I was hoping to gain a little horsepower gapping the plugs an extra .002 or .003's. Also I saw in a magazine the other day a two pronged sparkplug that I would like to know more about.
    I also wondered about changing to a different manufacture's computer from a 4 cyl 8 plug engine that would have adjustable parameters. The 1993 Ford ECM is not "tunable" however I guess it could be at it's peak of performance though. Anyone know more about this ?
    I had an '88 model with a 5 speed for a while and it was a dog. However my '93, with auto will get up and go !
  8. The problem with the N/A 2.3L is that ford never invested any money or effort into it to make any power, because it wasn't intended to. It was born of the era of good gas mileage at the expense of power (the 70's) and just never really updated.

    So, it was saddled with fairly low compression, a VERY poor head design (the turbo guys can tell you all about this), and conservative timing.

    For whatever reason, it also doesn't respond to bolt-ons. There are chips out there that get you somewhere around 10-15 hp by messing with the timing, but they require premium fuel and just aren't worth it in my opinion.

    The one good thing about the engine is its torque. 135 ft-lbs out of a 2.3L engine is nothing to sneeze at, especially when it comes on at around 2000 RPM. Stock turbo engines made almost as much torque as a 5.0 HO :)
  9. Well, not to side track, but you CAN build up a nasty 2.3 NA motor if you've got the cash/desire to go that deep into it. There's a local guy who just put one in a Ranger and it hasn't been dynoed yet but they're guessing well over 250hp to the tires.

    Motor stats are
    97 2.3 block.
    00 2.5 crank.
    Block was bored .040
    Head was ported
    ported the intake as well.
    Stage 1 Racer Walsh cam.
    Magnaflow muffler and catalytic converter.
  10. I'm not sure but I don't think the '97 2.3 is the same as the Lima blocks in the Mustangs and other earlier Fords.
    EDIT: The '97 might be a Zeta or Zetec engine? But I don't think the Lima was used past '95. I searched the web a little and couldn't find much so I could be wrong.
  11. The 2.3L was last used in 1997 in the Ford Ranger. In 1998 it was upgraded to a 2.5L and was used until 2002, when it was dropped completely. The new 2.3L is a DOHC aluminum engine of the Duratec family.
  12. I'll go out on a limb and say it will dyno 175-200rwhp.
  13. screw it... I'm getting a 302. they're easier to deal with...

  14. Would it have been easier to just buy a whole 2.5L bottom end?
  15. does the stock 2.3 have dome cylinders? the one with 8 plugs i mean
  16. No...it's only like 9.5:1 compression.
  17. ok, a friend of mine said that might be why it had 8 plugs... one on each side of the dome
  18. We already told you the predominant reasons that it has 8 plugs though :scratch:

    I don't really see what advantage there would be to having a plug on either side of a dome either. It's not like the dome touches the top of the combustion chamber.
  19. i only asked because said friend has been building mustangs for 30+ years and i wanted to check
  20. Well, he may have been building mustangs for 30+ years but has he been building 2.3's for 30+ years as well? Not trying to put down your friend or anything, but most mustang people don't know squat about the 2.3.