2.3 Carbed Turboengine from Mustang 79

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  1. 2.3 Carb Turboengine from Mustang 79

    Just saying "hello world, last week i got it".

    Anynone with the same configuration? Or is the carburettor turbo worth of nothing. Anyway, i am not going to the fuel injection conversion, because i am an carburettor_lover! (currently Weber DGAV).

    The worse case would be an nonturboed carburettor (yeah, manifold manufacturing was always my dream..)

    Just wondering what type of carburettor was originally mounted on the 79ยด Mustangs? Weber too? Or some type of Motorcraft/Holley?
    Engine sits in garage just for three days, whoww, i wanna go home from this crappy college place :)

    And next, are 150kmiles worth of complete engine rebuild? It seemed to have
    regular service inspections, BUT seemed to hold on place for 1Y+..

    Trying to fit this in a Ford Taunus, which was actually European/Argentinian version of Ford Cortina. Yes, the Argentinians did fit the 2.3 in it as factory default! :)

    I will try to bring you some photos of this piece of hardware, as you will see we are able to go for this rusty and oily crap 200 miles away :)

  2. Hi

    Guess I get to be the first to welcome you to the forum. Im new here myself but I also will be running a carbed turbo.

    I just found a 1974 oval port head in the junk yard that I plan to port and put in the hardened seats and SS valves.

    the EFI is easyer to dial in but carbed turbos still can make good HP

    the 79 mustang came with a motorcraft 2bbl. Use the weber its a better carb.

    and I would do a compression test and drop the oil pan to see what condition it was in before deciding to rebuild.

    definatly post pics of this project as I for one would love to see turbo Tanus

  3. well guys, welcome too the 2.3 world, glad to see some new faces. As far as carb'd goes, i believe there are a couple of carb guys in here. Currently my brother owns a 2.3turbo carb ('79 capri rs). i havent taken to much of a look at it, but it does have waaaay over 200k on the ticker. Carb's are ok i supose if u set everything up pretty good, but you wont get the same horsepower without a more currect efi setup. Atleast not that i know of, and chances are it would be exspensive. carbs are great for motors with more displacment, but since they are not to boost friendly, its gonna be hard to squeeze good hp out if ya know what i mean. All in all, im not here to tell u it cant be done...infact i hope with a little advice and tinkering u make her run like a champ!

    keep it real
  4. I've never had regrets that my '79 is turbo carbed. Gas milage can be a good reason to change into efi, but hey, I don't smoke, don't drink, so wtf
    why not spend it all on the freakin car. :nice:
    For now it has enough power, I never drove an efi 2.3 turbo, but I really like the power my carb engine has. In cold weather it takes some time before it's running right. (having problems with the choke)
    I've had the turbo rebuilt, custom exhaust, head rebuilt, and I'm saving money for a header.

    pics of the car

    enjoy the ride,

    Philippe Michiels