2.3 in Ford's minivans?!

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  1. Will the 200 I6 slugs fit right into the 2.3 HSC?
  2. Since the 2.3L HSC pistons will drop right in the 200I6 with no modifications I would say yes the reverse should be true.
  3. ...So does chopping off the muffler and cats, and using a y-pipe to make dual exhaust. Sounds sweet!:nice:
  4. the HSC and OHC are two completly diff engines the HSC has the intake and exhaust on the side. hsc is a pushrod eng and it never had an aluminum head. the aerostar used the OHC mostly with a 5-speed
  5. Turbo aerostar anyone??? ;)
  6. the 2.3L engine in the aerostar was the same engine found in mustangs, rangers and early bronco II 's. I had 1 for work. Talk about slow.
  7. AAARRRRGGGGG :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:

    The 2.3 in the Aerostar is the EXACT same 2.3 Lima engine as the Ranger, Mustang/Capri , Pinto/Bobcat, Capri(import), Courior, Merkur XR4TI, Turbo Coupe, Mazda B2300, and several industrial applications. The header/manifold in question WILL bolt to the head of your Mustang. It may not fit around the frame work but I would love to find out. I was going to order a new one from Ford when I worked there , but found the price to be all too steep. If I remember correctly a New Pacesetter or other choice was less expensive. The 2.3 Aerostar does seem to be rare but they are in fact out there.

    Hope to be My next Header

    OK I feel better now, sorry for the rant :flag:
  8. Anyone try this yet????????????? I'm still curious
  9. IT'S ALIVE!
  10. Yep I brought it back from the dead
  11. I saw a 2.3L in a scissor-lift. It was the newer block but it sure looked like it had been dropped in from my car.
  12. That would be cool

    The Turbo grocery-getter. kind of like the Porsche Cayenne. only cooler cause it's a ford
  13. the 3.0L V6 used in the dodge caravan is based on the same block and crank as the Mitsubishi 3000GT. How about a 320hp twin turbo grocery getter :D
  14. I dont believe my eyes...where DID THIS THREAD COME FROM!