Electrical 2.3 In Rat Rod With Mustang Harness And Computer

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  1. We have a 1987 2.3 eng and T5 trans in a 48 ford truck rat rod. We planned on using the mustang wiring harness and need to eliminate a lot of stuff does anyone have a cheat sheet outlining what we need to keep and what we can cut out. Thanks!
  2. Check out www.stinger-performance.com
    He has fully detailed the swap into a non-turbo 2.3 Mustang and wiring infor can be found here - http://www.stinger-performance.com/TechMain.html - it might not be exactly what you're looking for but I would think it should help you determine some wiring you don't need.
    And PLEASE post some pictures and details, or at least a link!
  3. We found a cheater's wiring schematic and have run everything according to those directions and verified them with two other schematic's to make sure the information was good, however we have everything working except no spark we have done the tests on the module and the coil and even replaced the pick up in the distributor and still no spark! The module tests the same as a new one and I have two different coils both used but both Ford and in the same year window as my mustang donor car, I have hit a wall if anyone can think of something I would love the input.
  4. if you still have the test plug on the harness try to pull codes.... if it wont show any codes the ecu is done.