2.3 into 1994-95?

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  1. Let me preface this by saying im not planning this but merely asking for my own knowledge and curiosity. Can an 87-88 TC motor be bolted in the 94-95 cars? Would the wiring work be the same as in a foxbody(re-pinning and whatnot)? I would assume it would be very similar but you know what they say about assumptions. Any info please post up!
  2. The wiring between an SN95 and fox are quite different. I will tell you however that this has already been done, a guy over at turboford has a turbo 2.3 SN95 up and running around.
  3. Thanks for the info I'll check out the link!
  4. I see that he used a motor plate to mount his. I'll have to do more research to see if standard 2.3 foxbody Mounts fit the 94-95 k-member.
  5. There should be no issue. The crossmembers from 79-95 are interchangeable.
  6. Cool thanks for the info. I would register over on turboford but they won't accept my yahoo email address.:(
  7. They will, you just have to register a special way. I am over there with my yahoo addy. There are directions on how to do it and the admin will contact you and verify you are not a spam bot and all that good stuff.