2.3 N/A INTAKE write up

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  1. I saw this thread and had to post some pics...

    It isn't tuned right yet, as some other issues came up, but I hope to have it sorted out tomorrow.

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  2. Where did you get that (brand)? Price? What tuning issues did you run into?
  3. Tuning the MAF conversion is what I'm struggling with :)
    I'm using an LA3 ecu, which has been converted to maf before, but so far as I know it has been on boosted applications only.

    The piece into the fenderwell is from an old BBK 5.0 CAI kit, and from the MAF to TB is a from a local parts store.

    The MAF is from a stock Fox 5.0 HO Mustang
  4. Ah yes. Remove the silencer.

    I just picked up a 94-5 5.0 Throttle body. Can't wait to put it on.
  5. On top of converting the LA3 ECU to work with MAF I think the 5.0 MAF is programmed differently than the 2.3 MAF, so that might be another hurdle!
  6. Interesting...
    This is similar to the issue of using the 90mm LMAF on a A9* ecu.
    I haven't had any difficulty there. But, how one imports the Transfer is supposed to make a difference. I copied/pasted.

    I drove the car to work today :nice:
    Still not right, but getting closer...

    Sorry for the sidetracking this guys, I'll start another thread if there is interest in the topic...

  7. I did the exact same thing to my 2.3 before i went turbo. Unfortunately it's really hard to get above 100hp with the naturally aspiriated setup.
  8. you can get a 5.o throttle body off e-bay . it will need alil modification but will work ,just the stock 60 mm will be better then the stock 4 clyder one !!!!!
  9. Did what????

    IF you mean an LA3 conversion, without the turbo, then I would REALLY like to touch base with you via pm's.

  10. is there any improvments in mpg with a larger TB. I have an old TB from an 89 H.O laying around. what is involved in getting it swapped over?