2.3 n/a mustang goes 120mph!

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by Crovax, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. It's true! After beating a Maxima SE today we stopped in the middle of the
    highway and he said his speedometer goes to 110mph and he could calculate
    that we were going 125mph though I was a car behind him.
  2. i dont understand..who was driving the n/a? lol....120 in an n/a 2.3....mustang.... :rlaugh: nice try
  3. you're going to die in a firey car crash one day doing speeds like that on the highway.

    for shame....
  4. Cro stop drinking the well water until you have it tested.
  5. must have been a big hill with losts of back wind
  6. N/A's will do it on hopes and dreams.
  7. oh wait....

    Racing on the street is how people get hurt.
  8. What is the real top speed of 2.3l n/a ? I just wanna know.
  9. Oh hellz yeah!

    There was a guy on here a couple years ago who claimed he got his 2.3L up to 140 mph. Yeahhhhh right.....
  10. 107mph.
  11. 107 down hill in San Fransisco, Back wind going 50+ with absolutely no extra weight in the car and almost all of the interior removed.
  12. wow unless u changed ur computer, ur car will shut of at 85mph, my little 2.3 n/a did on the freeway, wasnt fun, i was scared as heck
  13. You guess must have never seen dash series cars run. My old auto teacher in high school raced a 2.3 n/a that had around 300 hp. He ran speeds around 170+ at daytona. So trust me there is more potential than people think. He was also the mini-stock points champion in 1988. See link http://www.intercom.net/~fastlane/joe.htm
  14. how the hell do u get 300hp out of a 88hp engine????
  15. 300 hp from an NA 2.3 ford is easy. contact www.esslingeracing.com and order 1 of everthing.

    Of course it will probably cost $10,000, and be nearly impossible to drive on the street
  16. i've had my 91 NA cruising at 100 without straining it too much.
  17. I'm sure a lot of people will doubt this, especially the v8 guys, but I had a 78 with a carbbed 2.3L, and I got it over 100 before on a flat open freeway. Wasn't sure exactly how fast I was going, because it had an 85 mph speedo and I had the needle on it pointing straight down or even past that.
    The greatest asset to the 2.3's is that the bottom ends are typically very well built. If the heads can handle it, the engine can rev very high without too much difficulty. Though I wasn't willing to try it on mine :) And I don't remember what my tach was at at that time, probably 6k or better for that short duration while some kid in a mitsu was right next to me.
  18. My car will easily hit 85mph. it does it without even hitting 3000rpms. i bet ive had my car over 110mph. of course i dont do this everyday. and i dont encourage anyone else to either. i just wanted to let y'all know. And your car shouldn't shut off at 85, or you got a problem. they probably tap out at about 125.
  19. when i had my 90, i drove from VA to SC at over 90 mph the whole way...the only time i slowed down was to take a bathroom break..oh yeah and if the ol radar detector picked up something...well of course at least in NC and SC..never in VA...i made the trip from Warrenton, VA to Greenville, SC in about 7.5 hours...
  20. i honestly have seen my speedometer hit the lil milage reset button down on the bottom. it was slight downhill and took me a long time to get there actuall speed who the H - E - double hockey stick knows