2.3 n/a mustang goes 120mph!

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  1. My old '90 2.3L A4LD would top out at 75MPH. I could never get it to go any faster that that. :(
  2. I've been over 110 at least a couple time cruisin with my father in law up to NYC
  3. The SCCA ITB guys are putting out around 150hp in a 2680lb Mustang. They're getting up to 120-130 at the bigger tracks. Those motors can easily be used on the street as they aren't that radical.

    Also the Esslinger Engineering guys are getting 410+hp out of those motors set up for USAC midgets.
  4. Your speedo is quite a ways off...sounds like at least 5mph. Check it out in a gears/mph calculator. 3 grand should be high 70's.
  5. NA 2.3's are so damn slow, it would take 20 minutes for my car to get to 85.
  6. no disrespect, but my cars basically stock. Maybe 5mph off...but who's isn't? :D
  7. Stock tire size?

    My SVO was stock and the speedo was 11mph off according to my GPS...the cable needed lubed.
  8. LOL 2.3 stock is a terriable terriable thing. Can't wait till I get back from vacation so I can begin to do my CAI.
  9. 195/75/r14's, stock gears, a4ld. maybe right at 3000rpm's at 85mph. :shrug:
  10. Must be the tach then...
  11. I am sure that I have had my 92 above 100mph on the way to and from school. It was on a flat open road and took a little while to get there but I am sure that I was past 100, the needle was hitting the reset on the trip counter. If that 140mph speedo I bought would work I could get a number, but for now I am just guessing.
  12. the only way my 2.3 would hit 120 was if it was falling off a cliff
  13. I've gotten mine to peg at 118...mods were advanced timing removerd air ailencer and manifold back 2 inch exhaust with a dynomax superturbo............i even used the calculator on merkurtech.com to figure out how fast i was going...pegged at 4100 rpm in 5th....87 notch...
  14. I have personally had my '91 2.3L OHC with the twin plug heads over 100mph (160kmph) on a few occasions with absolutely NO problem. With the 5spd. standard it is not a hard speed to hit while reving under about 4000 rpm.
  15. you can get just about any car over 100, but that's the point where the wind REALLY starts to factor in. A stock 4 banger Mustang will NOT make it to 120, you would need about 110-120hp and a long road to make that happen.

    Going downhill does not count.
  16. But I did go 120mph!
  17. hey man what mods do you have to get there in 20 minutes flat?