2.3 n/a mustang goes 120mph!

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  1. :D

    Could have had the wind at your back. I demand that you perform this feat again, and this time turn around and do it going the OTHER way too. All the while asking a police officer to clock you with his calibrated speedometer.
  2. I thought I would pop my head in the forums again....

    .... and 120 in a N/A 2.3 is possible. I've done on quite a few times, NOW it wasn't east getting there and took along time from 105-120 but I got there. I'm talking a good 3-5 mile stretch

    I checked my speed with a few of my friends driving besides me, a rx-7 TII, audi A4, integra, and a few others

    this was a 91notchback DPmotor, only mods I had which do help on top end were my intake, gutted cats, ranger header, and 2.5 turbo muffler with turn down.
  3. i have a 77 mustang with a 2.3l it goes 115 but its also have a 4bbl with headers and some "tweaking" i did :D
  4. i made it to 90 the other day in my POS N/A...least i think it was 90...knowing my luck my speedo is prob off like 20 mph and im fooling myself. my congrats to crovax on the 120...mustve been pretty scary...
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  6. LOL. :lol:

    The fastest i've gotten my car to go is about 100, and it was still going pretty good. I usually don't like to speed, with all the evil cops around here.
  7. if you do the math on the gearing a stock 2.3 is capable of some where wround 160 - 170 the restriction is the fact that it doesnt have the power to push the car that hard. and on a level plane stock setups will run 128 ..... atleast thats what the stater trooper the wrote me the ticket before arresting me told me i was doing. i spent the night in jail paid the ticket and went home. im gonna put nitrous on it to see if i can push it to the top limmit.
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  9. i thought this was a stang forum not a ittle kids pokemon pic poster site, lol
  10. Ages ago, I took a '93 5-speed up to 103 in 4th, following my brother's 300ZX. I stayed at around 103 for about 15 seconds and that's it, could go no faster. (I had V-rated Eagle GTs 225/60s so I know the tires could take it).

    I've had my 9C1 up to 148 before taking a crap and letting off.

  11. i race in the SCCA ITB class with an 87 mustang 2.3L with speed density and in the draft i top out 138 mph. thats with 4:10 gears@ 6200 RPM'S. the only thing holding me back is the EEC-IV module. wont let the motor rev past 6200 rpm. stock roller cam and the porting that we are allowed to do.
  12. Do that on I-95.
  13. Its definately possible. My 78 pinto was dynoed at 70.5rwhp (about 95flywheel hp) and I hit 120 on the way to Vegas. It had 60k miles, advanced timing, and a straight pipe from Manifold to tail. Those were the only mods I put on it.

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Passed a Vette, and the guy just gives me this :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: as I fly by. It kinda sucked that he didnt try to catch me. :shrug:
  14. LOL :D
  15. Yo, I caught a ride on an electric scooter once, it had the 16 volt upgrade and bumped up the tire air pressure, nothing else, made about 3hp to the rear wheel. We were headin down the interstate and hit a flat stretch and passed a cop and well let's just say he was after us like a tick on a dog. I got the 113 in a 65 ticket to prove it!!
  16. HaHa I dont believe that!
  17. you gotta post that ticket. you guys want to hear a funny story about power to weight ratio? a fire bird getting repped to pieces by a goped. a standard walmart scooter like what little kids play on. but this one has a 93000 rpm motor a tiny little thing it is. go to www.steakandcheese.com and find the video called goped fast and furious.