2.3 power after rebuild not up to expectations

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  1. removed 280,000 2.3, complete rebuild :weisco,total seal, ranger roller, motorsport d port head,accell stock size injectors, new cat, adj. cam pulley, 185 psi comp., tps is set, new fuel reg., it likes 16 deg initial timing or it runs hot and will barely go 75 mph! it is a speed density set up [1989] it cost 750.00 to have a custom chip burned on the chassis dyno [after i convert to mass air]. it is showing no codes. what else do you guys think i need to put on it before i take it in?
  2. Double check cam timing especially with the adjustable pulley.
  3. Second the cam timing.

    Also, don't spend 750 bux on a chip, you won't gain even 10hp from it. Just use a factory mass-air setup if you are worried about it...or leave it speed density.
  4. cam timing checked good

    i double checked cam timing. i put stock gear up to adjustable gear and lined teeth &keyway up. i tried lining up mark on both sides of the plastic pointer. it runs better lined up on the left side of timing mark. when the cam was retarded 6 deg the cyl psi was 140. adv 4 deg it was 185 and sounds & runs better. what will the limiting factor of over advancing the cam be? schneider cams has a higher lift stock type roller cam for 400.00 would this wake it up? it feels like it wants more fuel, i dont know!
  5. Hey 71fordramair how did you convert it to mass air? i run a speed density setup in my 87 stang that i run in the scca and i also did a complete rebuild/modify and it seems that i feel i should have gotten more. did you degree the cam shaft and the crank then line up the pullies. i milled my head and thats what i learned that needed to be done. my problem now is when i have my timing light hooked up and i bring up the RPMS real fast it looks like the tming gets retarded before it even thinks of advancing:shrug:. i feal if i could fix this it might pull out of the corners and go down the straights alot faster.
  6. mass air conversion

    granatelli performance sells a conversion harness for about 70.00. I havent installed it yet because i cant find a computer at the junk yard. new ones are 200.00. it requires f12f12 650 ab computer for my manual trans ,2.3 ,with distributer, mass air. junk yards want 40.00. the air cleaner top with mass sensor and pipe 30.00, fits right in after you take it apart and clean it. tdc has been verified, and i just lined up the pulleys with the marks and advanced it a little. are there degree specs for the stock ranger roller cam? esslinger advertises that it is trial and error adjusting because of some variable valve timing issue. A 5.0 guy said the dyno shop re did his timing curve and it responded well.:shrug:
  7. You might be running lean. i think the camshaft you put in needs more gas and the stock injectors just cannot keep up with the demand. Check your plugs... are they white, bone white? if so you need bigger injectors.

    Do not go up too big in size, but go up at least one size. rated in pounds per hour I believe.
  8. As another option for converting to MAF...

    I'm running the LA3 with MAF conversion in my n/a 87 Mustang right now.
    It isn't a straight swap though
    some repinning, some ecu tuning via the J3 port (tweecer), and it still isn't what I would call 'right'

    I'll try to gather up some details on how I did it if anyone is interested... I'm just not that organized right now...

  9. computer programed eec computer?

    i would like to know if there is a dyno tested computer tailored to my combination. they have floppy disc dynos , proracingsim.com, ect. i cant find the recommended mas air computer anywhere! [f12f-12a650ab]. is the tweecer easy to figure out and do they give you guidelines? i'm thinking on installing an adjustable fuel reg. is 2.3 same as 5.0?
  10. 5.0 adjustable fuel regulator fits.

    increasing the fuel psi has made it accellerate quicker. 99.00 for bbk adjustable unit that the gauge screws into....but gauge interferes with #1 injector plug so it requires a 90 deg fitting . cars that go to the dyno shop seem to have fuel starv issues that causes them to be not tuneable . this causes costly immediate upgrades that im trying to minimize. still looking for mas air computer f12f-12a650ab.
  11. mas air swap complete!

    finally located junkyard mas air computer. I compared computer harness scematics and they require swapping some pins on the speed density plug . not much difference in power,or mpg. but at least it can get tuned with the mas air. Im going to take it to a tuner to get all the imputs checked.
  12. keep us updated on the tuning with the mass air conversion:nice:
  13. dyno session gets 22 hp

    :shrug:A dyno shop in town tested the car @80hp & 119tq. srt chip, 255 fp, 3.0 v6 mas housing[larger & bolts up to stock air box] yielded [email protected] 4500. It had a rich mixture dip at 3500. A big cam would help but its got to pass smog. I will be looking at a turbo next, until then, its much more fun to drive.
  14. The 3.0 ranger makes around 150hp stock, so I'd say your numbers are about right compared to him. I do have to say, that dyno seems to read very low. What gear did you pull in and what kind of dyno?

    The biggest gains without swapping in a turbo engine will be going to a wilder cam and increasing the compression to about 10:1