2.3 stangs, show em here!

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  1. Lets see your 2.3 stangs...currently, tore down, built up...shinny or rusty...post em here!

  2. Gotta get a new pic that's further away so you cant see the peeling :(

    <img src="http://www.pix8.net/files/MVC-003S2.jpg" alt="Image Hosting by Pix8.net">
  3. Here is my "Southern Belle" Pre Swap still.

    thanks Woodster, and Knowing is half the battle ( :flag: GI JOE :flag: ) remember them lol.
  4. Here's mine....lowering springs should be going in in a week or two. :banana:



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  5. You have to link them from another web page to do that.

    Anyway being that I am the moderator I reserve the right to post a pic of my Turbo Coupe ;)

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  6. I had to pull mine from another site to post on here it would be easier tolink them If I knew how.
  7. to make your pictures show up as a pic instead of a link do this...
    1:upload pic (attach it to your post)
    2:while the "attachment manager" window is still open, youll see your file(pic)...click on that, it will open a window with your picture u uploaded...

    3: COPY the Address from that window (hit keys: ctrl - C)
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    7:submit post, walah

    Nice stangs guys! very clean bird!
  8. Thanks Wodster
  9. [​IMG]

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  10. friggin' camera problems.

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  11. Ha I was the first to post a turbo car. Its sad all of you other guys know how to use the camera. :nonono:

  12. Here's mine:





    Side: (paint looks f-ed up in this pic, stupid camera :mad: )

  13. Here's one incase stinger doesn't post it. This used to be mine
    And here's the coupe engine. Its an all stock longblock now. You can also see the carbon fiber hood.
  14. [​IMG]

    It's the only pic I have on this computer .. ill have to post a full shot later on today.

    Hey woodster ... i think thats the first full shot of your LX i've ever seen ... we hear a lot about your turbo conversion, yet i think that might be the first pic of the car ... or i'm missing something ... oh well

    Nice Car's Everyone!!
  15. Very clean car Zero! love the color...looks very familar ;) Turbo swap is complete, i havent posted any under hood pics yet, but most of my swap pictures are on TurboFord.org in my photo-album. Yes that is my first post of my car, i had one awhile ago of the front end when i had the hood up. She needs paint real soon and a new driverside fender (kinda tweaked)...lots of plans, right now just working out the first 500miles on my turbo motor !

    Gonna be replacing the clutch/flywheel/pressure plate either today/tomorrow.
    Wiring in my manual/auto fan switch along with an 180* t-stat.....
    Ask 140cilx, ive been bugging him non stop for advice and suggestions...so far he's been right on track! :D
  16. Nice wheels Zero what are they? Incase I stay with 4 lug.
  17. Wow, super nice cars everyone!, I was going to post a pic of my baby (she's a beater but I love her :D ) But I think I'll wait until I get it painted so I'm not so embarassed :rlaugh: