2.3 stangs, show em here!

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  1. Mike, happy to see some progress pics of your stang. Its been a while since you have been on. Keep the pics and post coming. :nice:

  2. Ya and for Gods sake update your web site :D
  3. FINALLY! 11's? That's insane! I can't wait to see your car when painted either.
  4. right back at ya!

    :hail2: :cheers:

  5. Here's my beater i just bought.
    89 4cyl. aod power everything... 77,500 original miles... a few scratches, and needs a new trunk lid, but otherwise a solid car. Already have a line of people wanting to buy it from me for more than I paid! ($1250)



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  6. Awesome cars people! very very clean...inspires me to go out and wash mine ;)

    Mike, great to see your still alive :D

    ive come to find my car is going more sleeper everyday...the dirtier it gets, the more people want to race me. :shrug:
  7. I actually really like those wheels, how wide are they? And whats there diameter?
  8. its not so much the Style (although o dpnt care for the style as much as others) its the fact that the PO didnt take care of them at all and as a result they are all corroded and peeling. The wheels are identical in size to a 10 hole, that picture is a bad example but trust me, the only thing good about them is the fact they are somewhat round.

  9. here's mine.. some old pics. hehe

  10. I dont feel bad about my retarded wheels now that I see you all have them also. I hate the stock LX wheels.
  11. Here's some pics of my old 1990 2.3L Mustang a4ld.


  12. That is absolutly amazing what dealership is that. I haven't seen one with a blue floor. :hail2:

    By the way.....nice hatch
  13. thank

    I used worked at Chevy
  14. The correct paint name would not be teal, but reef blue just in case you didn't know. http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/492429
    I have had mine since we brought it home as its first owner. So many times, at a show I am the only fox body there. Let's see some pics of the inside too tealtiger. Glad to see there is more out there. :flag:
  15. Glowstang I have been looking for one of those dolls that pouts on the car, But I never thought of making my kid stand there for a pic. Love the idea, and the way she was in the pic I coulnt tell the differenct until I read it.