2.3 stangs, show em here!

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  1. Heres a pic of my baby when I first got her 2 months ago for 1500$.

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  2. Welcome 2.3l driver looks like a nice car is it still N/A?
  3. 1500.00 :eek: Crap that sux I want even tell you what I got in my wheels/tires alone :bang: What year is your car anyways?

    O by the way Welcome to SN :nice:
  4. I would say its a 92
  5. Yes its a 92 and yea its still N/A.
  6. Say what :eek: strap a 50 shot bottle on that bad boy and make a CAI for it :nice: Then find a tube header off a 94' Rnager 2.3L truck :D

    Heres a link to show you how to make a CAI for your car. http://jman.stangnet.com/coldair.htm
  7. Damn I'm good :D
  8. My Pride & Joy:




  9. Welcome to SN.

    I hope you don't get to upset and just because you're a looker :nice: don't mean I'll go easy on ya :D I really don't dig most of the work done on your car but its your car to do what you want. All you need now is a Turbo Charged 2.3L to drop in that thing and then you could have some fun with the GT crowd ;)
  10. Nicole Nicole Nicole Glad you came to the forums to see the real potential of a 2.3 by adding some power adders.

    my poll
    Question: Keep The 2.3? -What do you think about keeping the current motor, but adding as many "goodies" as possible to have the Fastest and Best Looking 2.3 Ever?
    Yes, because it'll be more original!
    No, because there isn't any "goodies" for the 2.3.
    No, because only 5.0's are respectable Mustangs

    D. Go to Stangnet and Turboford to see what real 2.3T's can do

    Glad you chose D.
  11. A) Well we can skip A since the car no longer looks original why should the motor ;)
    B) B is almost right since there are really no bolt ons for these motors except maybe a small NOS kit.
    C) Now C almost sounds right but you forgot about the 4.6Ls. Now it reads right and even though a 2.3T can give most 5.0/4.6 guys a run for there money they still want respect you :rolleyes:
    D) This one sounds the best because here you can learn how to get more power from a 2.3 and get respect for owning a 2.3 :nice:
    E) learn to pop a 2.3T and a 50 shot botton in your car to be able to run 12's easy.
    F) Answers D and F.

    I pick F my self :D
  12. :lol:
  13. Yes yes. I know I know...i know (my dad is a drag racer, I know all about HP)

    It all cost $$$, and I only have so much of it.

    and, I have limited resources. (I cant convert to a 2.3 turbo painlessly)

    Either way, this project of mine is ongoing and I've had the car less than one year (and I think I've done allot for one year) Let's just say my car has to look as good as I do; now accomplished, I need HP to back up my sweet ride. But, it all takes time...and money...and tools!

    It's not so easy doing work under the hood when you're me. I have no tools (and until recently I lived in an apartment with only a parking lot to work in) Now I have a garage (for the stang only).

    I need easy ways to modify my car.

    It's also my daily driver, I can't have the car apart for weeks while I figure out stuff, so There's no way I can do the work myself -and learn everything in order to do it (unless I quit my job and collect unemployment)

    BTW; anyone know what motor's are compatible w/ my current AOD? I really don't want to swap to a 5 speed (to lazy these days) and I had mine rebuilt-so I don't want that bill to be in vain.
  14. If you are going to stay Automatic transmission, You should try the mods that will keep you as a N/A car and increase the compression and there are many on here that do that and have some good results. That auto tranny will not support a lot of abuse from power though. Start a new thread about this so you can get a lot more help and check out the search function it will help you in a lot of answers.

    :nonono: I can't believe I have to point my Jokes out to a one Pro-Hawk :nonono:
  15. Well if its the stock A4LD ( auto AOD transmession) that the car came with than any 2.3L should bolt right up to it ( Now a transmession for a turbo 2.3T will bolt up but has a little different gearing although it should work). The main thing to keep a eye on is that your car has the 2.3L DP DIS motor ( no distribitor /duel plg head) that was used from 91-93 mustangs and up to 96 I think in the Rangers.

    If you are unable to swap motors there are a few things you could do that will only take like a day at a time to do.

    1) Mill the Head down to where you got 9:5.1 compression. This can be made easy by you buying another head and having it machined. This would allow you to still drive your car until the head swap. ( consult Buff for how much to mill off)

    2) Try and do some light polishing/porting work on the head. You don't need to go crazy on it since anything to wild would probly mess up a new DP heads air flow.

    3) Locate a Ranger tube header off a 94-96' Ranger 2.3L. I maybe a hair off on the years but I know they did do it in 96'. (This from what I'm told really helps). Then install a pretty decent exhaust system but nothing over 2 1/4" -2 1/2". Completely leave out the pre cat and use a high flow cat also. The pre cat is easy to find its right next to where the exhaust bolts to the exhaust mainifold. In my state its legal as long as I had the normal cat.

    4) Build a CAI (Cold air induction) this is pretty simple but don't loose the old parts you take off. In my state I have to put the old air box on when I need it inspected ( takes 30mim to swap in out ). heres a link to show you how and you can get a little creative with making it also. http://jman.stangnet.com/coldair.htm

    5) Buy a set of injectors off a 94-95' GT 5.0 ( 19lb injectors) and a MAF sensor for the same GT. It should be a simple swap. ( this is really only if you plan to make more than 150 hp and the stock 14lb are ok for 1-150hp) I bought a set of injectors& MAF for like 50.00 off ebay.

    6) Buy one of those cheap Nitrous kits off ebay for 230.00 250.00. I think there a 30-75 shot system. I would just use a 50 shot my self but some guys out here has gone as high as 150 shot :eek: This is best left to when you mastered the 50-75 shot ;) (consult Mr Woodster he the insane person running 150 shot on a 2.3L and could help a lot if asked right :D )

    With all that crap you should be able to do 150 hp without the bottle and close to 200 with the bottle :nice: Either one should be enough to eat rice and make a stock 5.0L guy look twice :D

    Good luck :nice:
  16. I can't believe I didn't see that one :nonono: See what women do to me :D

    Damn I set my self up for that one :doh:
  17. :Scartch: I'm a little lost on your site. Which car you got that runs:

    11's @97 mph with 215 hp :shrug:
  18. Turbo Stang
    1993 Dodge Dakota Sport (Towed)
    1989 Dodge Lancer (Towed)
    1993 Chevy S10 Blazer (Gone)
    1988 Ford Mustang LX Turbo (Daily Driver)


    LOL by his signature he is trying to overtake 351wcoupe with a broken car lot :lol:
  19. You're typically going faster than 97 mph when your turning 11's too. :scratch: