2.3 turbo in a II?

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  1. i was browsing through the local mag for used cars and found a 76 mustang coupe w/ a turbo?? is this something that was specially ordered in 76..? maybe aftermarket?? i beleive it was still carbed i was gonna purchase it to drop in my 76 cobra... is there anyway to turbo a n/a 2.3 that is carbed?? please inform..
  2. Yes it is "doable" but is it worth it? no. the 79 GT 2.3 turbo mustangs where a drawn through type set up, and went to EFI later for more street ability and also better power and MPG.

    There was no option for the turbo 2.3 in mustangs II to my knowledge but the 2.3 N/A was stock (stupid stupid stupid)

    Go ahead and add a 2.3 turbo to one and tell us what its like lol
  3. Well I don't speak Mustang II and it's been a while since I've spoken 2.3Ts. I can't recall a turbocharged Mustang II but that doesn't mean they didn't build one. The 2.3T was first used in 79 in the Cobra or Pace car which was a Fox body and used Carbs. The first EFI wasn't used until 1984. So you could find a carb'd 2.3T in something like a 1983 Thunderbird. Now keep mind the older 2.3T head never came with hardened exhaust seats. So their pron to cracking...I think most of the newer heads has cracks also but not as bad.

    As for turbocharging an N/A 2.3L. The main thing would be drilling an oil return hole for the turbocharger in your block. Another thing is an N/A motor has high compression compared to forced induction motors. So you would want to run less boost than a stock 2.3T motor. You also have the issue of the head not having hardened valve seats. I think you're better off with a newer 2.3T out of something like an 87-88TC.

    You could also mod your current motor if it's a Lumia deisgned 2.3L...I think that the name. Anyhow, the same basic 2.3L/T used in most of the Fox Stangs and Rangers etc. Anyhow, you could swap in a roller cam shaft/followers from a newer twin plug 2.3L. This usualy adds about 15-20hp to an older 2.3l EFI Stang. I'm not sure what it would do on a Carb set up. I would also find me a peace header or a newer 2.3-2.5 Ranger header. There is some people who's had positive results from porting and decking the head as well as running a bottle. Also build or buy a CAI. It's just a suggestion.
  4. I would suspect aftermarket. The '79-80 Mustangs had a carbureted 2.3T option, but it wasn't that spectacular. On the other hand, my old man told me about a turbo Pinto he briefly had in the '70s.

    The late '70s is when racers and the aftermarket started seriously playing with turbos, so my money is on the MII having a turbo "kit" or custom backyard setup. As far as I know, Ford didn't offer any turbo car options before '79 and no dealer did either.
  5. check with the guys over in the II section- I don't remember which one of the guys it is ( I think it's Darrell???) has done a couple turboed 2.3's and if I remember he is located in Washington somewhere.

    There was no turbo option for the cars available, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be done aftermarket. there was a post within the last couple of weeks showing an ebay auction of a prototype for a factory turboed 2.8 II, not sure if it sold or not - the reserve was probably quite high based on the dealers other website.
  6. I think you're the guy I ran into the other day at Zips. I have a 78 Mustang II with a 2.3 Turbo, but it's EFI. I run with a good set of 2.3 turbo guys here in town, I get hell for driving a Mustang II instead of a Merkur but whatever; I like being different. I'm picking up another II this weekend, 78 T-Tops in pretty good shape, I'm going to transplant my 2.3 Turbo into it, fixing the mistakes I made the first time around.

    If you're interested in doing a 2.3 Turbo in a MII I'd be willing to share what I've done, hell we live in the same city.
  7. I thought one of the 4 cylinder carbureted mustangs came with a turbo? I've been looking for a carb off of one for base jetting....??
  8. Four posts up I already said the '79-80 Mustangs were available with a draw-through carb.

    I will also add that this thread died two years ago.