Expired 2.3 Turbo Motor Swap And Exhaust Ga

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Jun 16, 2011
stockbridge ga
THIS IS FOR SALE IN STOCKBRIDGE GEORGIA I have a 1988 thunderbird turbo motor for sale. Comes with everything you need intercooler airmeter ecu ect ect. Motor is super cleann on the inside. Only 120K miles. Comes with stinger performance 3 inch down pipe mid pipe and y pipe. Has new cap rotor and brand new msd wires. Motor is still in my coupe so you can hear it run. I will pull the when I find a buyer. The only thing is the turbo may need replaced. It doesn't smoke or use oil however it will only spools to 13 psi even with the vac disconnected from the wastegate. 1000$ for everything. These are photos I snapped real quick before work. If you would like more or are interested call or text 678 857 8203
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Feb 8, 2015
OM F-IN G i wish i could! so sexy
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