2.3 turbo stuff

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  1. Just a quick note that I am going to be selling some extra 2.3 turbo stuff like a pe computer,jacbs ignition e6's throttle bodys heads pistons cranks. My garage is too full to work on my car so if you guys need a part please let me know. Thanks Duane
  2. my bf might be interseted in it . :spot:
  3. Yea!

    The ENGINE and TURBO!

    If not engine, pistons, rods and crank!

    Also need VAM, VAM PLUG and turbo computer.

  4. *stab in heart* man i feel terrible now...yellowcobra, you need a vam aswell? big or small?
  5. Where in ny are you? I have a few good motors I could freshen up and sell with a warranty-it would have new rings gaskets bearings relapped valves etc for a decent price. I would like to get 175 shipped for the pe computer-I have had 3 offers of 150 shipped. Thanks Duane