2 302 Short blocks and related windsor engine parts, Louisville KY

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  1. 5.0L 88-93 engine $275 and some related windsor engine parts, Louisville KY

    Most parts are available for pickup in the Louisville, KY area…will not ship the heavy stuff or travel a long way to meet you sorry. Feel free to make an offer, the more you want the cheaper I’ll sell it. I am going back to school and looking to clear some stuff out of my garage. I don’t have any pictures but I can take some if you're serious. Please don’t PM, call and leave a message 502-550-4598 or email me

    5.0L HO 302 Roller engine for 88-93 Mustang, complete from oil pan to intake. This would be great for a rebuild, bottom end has 175000 miles on it. Engine is assembled but would need a gasket kit at the absolute minimum to make it run. Has AOD flex plate on it for automatic, but I have a flywheel for a clutch too if needed $275

    84 Mustang 302 Non roller short block, (block, crank, rods, pistons) STD bore/crank $50

    D??? useable/rebuildable heads from the 84 Mustang engine $25

    10.5” 157 tooth flywheel from the 94 mustang $35

    10.5” clutch (not stock, might be heavy duty or King Cobra) usable condition IMO $20

    10” 157 tooth fly wheel from 84 engine $20

    Edelbrock Victor water pump for 86-93 mustang $40

    Edelbrock nickel plated street/strip mechanical fuel pump with -6an fittings $20

    A/C compressor from 94 mustang GT worked when removed years ago $25

    94-95 Mustang distributor $25

    94-95 stock mustang intake/fuel rails/injectors/throttle body $75, will separate this if you just need part of it.

    2 Timing covers with fuel pump mount,$20 each

    Thanks for looking.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.