$2.39 a gallon of gas B^&*S#$%

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  1. Is it only california thats being bent over and screwed (minus lube) on gas or is this another OPAC conspearicy? I thought that was the reason we bombed Iraq in the first place, stupid people with all there damn oil...

    :shrug: :bang:
    Sorry just venting....

    Whats everyone pay for premium in your area?
  2. well im using the cheap stuff right now so premium is usually 20cents more per gallon so that would put it around $1.71/gal
  3. Gas is high all over and it's suppose to get much worse for the summer. Premum here is 1.85 right now. Fortunatly for me, regular works fine.
    Yes, Opec cut production which is making gas go up. Yes, we attacked Iraq which killed thier oil producting ability for a while thus higher immidiate prices. Yes, there are FAR to many people with huge ass SUV's getting 10mpg.
  4. 2 weeks ago I was getting premium for 1.55...now it's 1.77
  5. At the cheapest chain station in town (Sheetz) regular is $1.63 a gallon, 93 is $1.73 or so. I hope it doesn't go too much higher than that or I'm gonna be screwed since the TC needs 93 :(
  6. Yeah, $2.40 for premium up here in the bay area, and it's only 91 octane! There are many factors contributing to these exhorbanant prices. Granted, the OPEkker's cut production and we wasted Iraq, but one other major factor is, we just don't have enough refineries. My numbers might be off, but I heard we only have 13 major oil refineries in the U.S. On second thought, maybe that was 13 in California. I can't remember. Anyhow, we don't have enough! Everyone one of them is running at 100% production and even then they're not able to keep up with demand. Then they have to buy oil on the spot market, just to keep up, and that's ultra expensive.
    The problem is, they need 100 acres to build a new refinery, and nobody wants one in their backyard. That combined with, it might upset the mating rituals of the bugeyed salamander or it promotes erosion or whatever BS the tree huggers can come up with! Add it all up and middle america is going broke just trying to drive from point A to point B.

    Hey, here's a thought, we already have a serious military presence in the middle east, let's just take what we need! Isn't that what the Romans did?

    Don't pay me no never mind. I'm just venting and talking out of my ass! (But it sure feels good!) :lol: :flag:
  7. My dad complains about gas prices _EVERY SINGLE DAY_ even though he drives huge trucks that get 10mpg.
  8. Hell, build a refinery here in WV then, not like we don't have plenty of room...
  9. http://www.denvergasprices.com/

    I've been seeing about $1.80's for premium, which I have to run. Gonna change the plats out for coppers pretty soon and get Motorcraft wires....I doubt that'll do much with the detonation, but we can see. I have to run premium or I get massive detonation, and I don't know how to fix it. :mad:

  10. - been over a month since I've had to get gas but now I'm prepared for the shock.
  11. im currently drilling for oil locally, ive given up on foriegn sources!

    if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself

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  12. My friend who has a 427-435hp Aluminum head Vette motor in his 70 Camaro is not laughing anymore about me putting a turbo 2.3L in my Mustang. As the gas prices go up I just keep muttering "35miles per gallon".
  13. You try checking your timing?
  14. Haven't, no....not sure how. :doh: I don't know how I'd adjust it, either, with no distributor. :shrug:

  15. NYC:

    $1.89 for 87(regular)
    $2.10 for 93 octane

    $5.52 for 100octane
  16. west palm beach,florida

    1.79 for regular
    1.98 for premuim
  17. Gainesville has the highest gas taxes in florida, our premium is about $1.94/gal most places. 93 octane. My camaro don't run on anything but the good stuff either. $40 fillup :bs:
  18. were im at at the shell station in louisiana the prices are
    i have to run + since my car does not run good on regular and premium
    i thought i was paying alot but mine is cheap copared to yall
  19. Cost of living plays a big role in the different cost of gasoline.

    Something very expensive for you, is very cheap to us, comparing prices.

    I WISH we had those prices around here!
  20. The last time I got gas, the price for regular unleaded was $1.72 a gallon here on base.