2.3L MODS...Anybody!?

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  1. alrite, we all know that we dont have too many ponies under the hood...arent there cheap lil "i dont have a job, and go to highschool" mods that i can do to my car? and where the hell is the knock sensor on this dam thing? wtf is the point of having a hose going from the exhaust manifold to the intake, i kno i dont want my engine suckin up n e hot fumes...wtf?! HELP![/COLOR]
  2. What year 2.3L?
    carb or EFI?
    Automatic or manual?
  3. All that hose does is route air around the manifold in winter so the car will start and idle better in cold weather, there are many mods you can make, and most of them add a little power. check the "tech articles" thread in the 2.3 tech forum.

  4. i gotta 93lx efi manual tranny, yeh i disconnected the hose from the intake, i re-routed it, it doesnt get cold enough down here in miami, i dont think ill b needing that lol