2.3l to 351 w swap out of f250 HELP!!!

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  1. Hey guys new to the forum her and I'm in dire need of help. Ok so I found this 351 w out of a 1986 ford f250 and basically wat I need to know is is it a good motor for a 88 fox. I plan on doing a cam change. It already is 4 barrel carbed. Is there anything else I should know other than having to buy the swap oil pan. Its also bolting to a t-5 transmission. Thanks for the help guys
  2. IMO, there is no stock 351 engine that is worth dropping into a Fox Mustang without changing the heads, cam, and intake. Stock headed 351's barely outperform mild 302's, and the 302 is slightly easier to swap in and cheaper, too.

    Also, chances are you will blow the T5 to smithereens with any decent 351 unless you are just cruising around.
  3. Thanks for the reply man. So I was only hoping to get max 350 horse out of this project. It is a convertible show car not really a drag strip car. So I really don't plan on tearin it up really. Heads and cam are in the blueprint anyway. Any precautions? I feel like a 302 would need heads and cam anyway to keep up with a 351 w so its give or take a block just pick one and it'll be better plus I hate fuel injected vehicles and the majority of foxes have fuel injected. So it would be cheaper and better to go with a 351 . Any perspectives are taken
  4. A properly built 351 will make more power, be more reliable, and generally be more fun than a similar 302. It is heavier, it typically won't fit under a stock hood, but most of the downsides end there.

    My only point is that I wouldn't choke off a 351 engine with stock heads or intake, because they are truly junk for any kind of performance. If you are going to leave the stock heads, you might as well just swap a 302. If you are going to get some decent heads (for a 351 I wouldn't go smaller than something like an AFR 185) and intake, and a good cam, then it should be a really nice setup.

    There is a 351 conversion thread on the corral (there may be one here as well, I don't remember) but you should find them and look them over thoroughly. There are quite a few small things that you need to make the swap work correctly, and you are far better off having those pieces handy than trying to track them down during the swap.

    Good luck!

    PS: Subframe connectors should be on your list of things to do, regardless of which engine you go with!
  5. Thanks again for the reply man I appreciate the input. Good advice. Lookin like Tuesday the swap will take place so I will post photos and progress along with specs on the post if u continue to follow the thread. Take care bro
  6. I just looked it up, that 351W you have made 210 hp stock. Might want to do a little work on that thing before you swap it in, because that's pretty lackluster to get for your trouble of a 351 swap.
  7. Imo the 5.0 is a good motor but the 351 w is better. The stock specs you looked up are for hp not for torque. Its a stronger motor and a stronger block with more potential so lackluster wouldn't be a term to describe a beefier motor with lots of potential. The only thing that will really be different that I plan on doing cuz it already has a 4 barrell carb is a cam and headers to wake it up in the 300 range. Plus the cars a convertible and weight will not be an issue but safety will lol
  8. weight in a vert not an issue?

    oh contrare
  9. A cam and headers to take a smog era truck motor to 300+ hp? Alright, if you say so...
  10. Well he did say he has plans for heads and cam, it's going to be some work but possible.
    Also weight might not be an issue since he said it's for shows, right?
    Sounds like a cruiser with a beefier engine, versus the current 2.3l.
  11. Ok the 210 hp specs are on the "smog clogged" dyno runs with the crappy carb it comes with... there's is no way on earthe you could say the motor setup I have which is an edelbrock 750cfm 4 barrell carb, extreme energy mid range cam and ford racing headers 3inch straight pipe all the way back won't produce 300 hp ur crazy. So eliminate the smog and power steering too and u got 300 minimum if the carbs not tuned right alon with the mods I mentioned. Thanks everyone for the feedback too u guys are great. Helped a lot. Well besides red lx lol
  12. Are you using the 2.3l original T-5 transmission? If so, you will learn that the input shaft diameter where it enters the pilot bearing in the back of the engine is smaller than a T-5 that would back a V-8. There are a few places to get a pilot bearing that fits into the V-8 and works with the 2.3l T-5 but you will also learn that 300 - 350 hp makes for a short lived 2.3l T-5. It would probably last quite a while though if all you do is Sunday shift it and never go past about 1/3rd throttle.