2.3T engine out of a Saab into a stang?

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  1. Hey guys!

    This guy is gonna sell me a 93 lx 4cly for cheap.
    I was wanting to put a 2.3T into the car.

    I'm stationed in Germany so it's kinda tough to get one from the states...out of a t-bird or such.

    Will the 2.3t out of a 9000 Saab fit?

    I noticed lots of people use their IC so I was curious.

    Thanks guys
  2. Using the intercooler is alot different than using the whole motor.

    There's more mechanical compatibility issues with a motor swap than just a simple part.
    That's not to say it can't be done if you REALLY feel the need to do it. But I don't think it would be very practical nor simple.

    Here's the major issues off the top of my head.

    Motor Mounts
    Engine Management
    Trans compatibility - Is there a bellhousing that mates a T5 to a Saab 2.3? If not, is there a Saab trans that will fit in the same manner as a T5? If not, how much modification is necessary under the Ford to accommodate this?

    Fuel, water, and exhaust plumbing.

    Accessory compatibility.

    ... ya know what? I'm thinking it ain't worth it unless your independently wealthy, and so bored that the only alternative to taking on this project is practicing self-administered brain surgery. Either way, your head is gonna hurt the whole time. :) :)
  3. Gotcha.
    Guess I'll just drive the 2.3l 4 banger as a DD through the winter and then pick up a 2.3t when I make my trip to the states in the summer to give the stang some balls.

    Also, are there any vids in the forum of healthy sounding Blowoff valves on a 2.3t?

    I've always wanted a turboed car but I wanted it to be AMERICAN, so this is perfect.
  4. if i was living in germany.. i would swap in a Ford Sierra Cosworth engine in... Its much better then a 2.3T ....
    DOHC turbo cosworth mustang......:drool:


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    Very nice! How many cubes or Liters is the Cosworth motor???
  6. I found a Cosworth engine but it's a 2.9l V6 24V DOHC.
    Plus it's non-turbo.
    I believe it's out of a ford scorpio.
    Puts out something like 175hp.

    How common is that cosworth turbo engine you were mentioning?
  7. Look for Merkur XR4Ti. Tons in where you are. They have the 2.3T you are looking for...