2.5 duratec engine swap on fox body

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  1. hello, i just got a 93 mustang lx 2.3 n/a for $500. i love the car but sucks getting beat by almost every car on the street. my friend has a 2.5 ford duratec engine out of a 1996 contour does anybody know if its possible to swap it into the mustang.
  2. I assume possible. Here is source of bellhousing adapter. Need to contack them for more info. Maurice
  3. Anything's possible with enough time and money.

  4. I would agree.

    I would suspect that this particular swap (while interesting) would be way more expensive than just getting a donor 5.0 car and swapping it in.
  5. Find a 7.5" rear with 3.73:1 gears. You will need to change your speedometer gear too. The 3.73 gears will be 100 times easier to install and it will give you the off-the-line advantage you need.
  6. If it's an automatic, it already has 3.73 gears out back.
  7. GT's may have 3:73 gears in an AOD but 2.3's normally haver 3:08's, atleast early cars do. I remember somebody telling me that the 2.5 Ranger motor would accept either the duratec or Zetech head but I think thats incorrect.
  8. Negative grasshopper. Automatic 2.3 cars came from the factory with 3.73's in the 7.5 inch rear. V8 cars came with either 2.73's or 3.08's in the 8.8 rear. It depended on what box the owner checked, regardless of tranmission choice.:nice:
  9. BNZAG have you removed the air restrictor in your intake muffler yet?

    Can you legally gut your catalytic converters in your state?

    Those two mods can do wonders.

    I also think a 5 speed swap might be an easier project for you. I can at least help you with a complete parts list and step-by-step instructions. The project is still fresh in my mind and I have tons of pics. My T5 swap ran me about $850.00 for all the parts and machine work. The T5 has a much steeper first gear (3.35, 3.93, or 4.03) and will give you the added off-the-line torque you need.

    Personally I would love you to try the 2.5L swap and succeed 100% but for the most part, you will be blazing new trails for everyone here. I would love to hear some swap success stories that do not involve a 2.3L Turbo swap from a Thunderbird or a 5.0 swap. :shrug:

    I will never understand why they used the "boat anchor" 3.8L V6 or the "Log-head" 3.3L inline six in mustangs. I think the 3.0L Vulcan V6, the Duratec 3.0L V6, and your great idea, the 2.5L Duratec are all outstanding engines and would have made for some very interesting mustangs through the late 80's and beyond. I hope for the best for you regardless of what route you choose to take and if you go the way of the 2.5L engine swap make sure to photograph everything and keep tons of notes. You might just start a trend. :nice:
  10. a 2.5L 4 cyl from a 99-01 Ranger would be an easy swap considering they are the same basic motor with a little more stroke and better manifolds, but i think a great swap to try would be the later all aluminum 2.5L from a 05-up Ford Ranger. I gotta think it would be pretty easy comparably speaking, and the 2.5l 4 bangers are good for 200hp with just cams and a little tuning.
  11. Since the Contour's engine was for a FWD application, it's likely a tall task to put one in a Fox3. IMO, the engine doesn't have enough redeeming features in stock form to make it worthwhile. I'd be looking at a 2.3T swap long before.

    It's not legal in any state under Federal law.
  12. any updates on the 2.5 duratech?
    real curious that others would bump up the 3.0L v6 and not mention the 4.0L v6 ranger motor (89-98 ish) :shrug:
  13. Nobody mentioned the pushrod 4.0L because it's the very definition ofa truck engine. A mountain of torque starts right off-idle and signs off early by ~4800rpm. It's also entirely cast iron and not exactly light weight.

    For it's intended purpose as a light truck engine, the 4.0L is great. As a performance passenger car engine, it's probably not. I have heard complaints from Explorer owners that the OHC 4.0L traded low-end torque for higher-end power, so maybe that's something to look into. :shrug:
  14. I rebuilt 2.3 n/a ,see " 2.3 rebuild not up to expectations", recently i added a crower solid roller cam .465 , 278 dur. I raced a co worker against his 2.0 duratech contour and he blew me away! he said it had almost 300k mi on it. If you get the duratech eng in it will run good
  15. I'm sorry, but the contour V-6 is a T-U-R-D of an engine. I see no point in this swap at all. Those engines get average at best fuel economy, and will make a disappointing amount of power for the work involved - which will be significant and extremely expensive with lots of custom fabrication and one off parts.
  16. here is a link to someone who has done a duratech in a early ranger..... lots of great info and the truck has been in the 10s turboed.... and street legal....he also has made and is selling adapters to go t5 for far less than the other link.....
  17. Isn't that a pretty straightforward swap since the later Rangers came with a Duratec?

    The Zetec is also an option, although a little small for a 3000lb+ car. There are RWD conversion bellhousings for them AFAIK.
  18. that would be a negative...... read through his build.... its a lot of work...but well worth it in this case...
  19. Well, it's pretty dry reading since only registered TRF members can view the pictures...