2.73's to 3.73's

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  1. so i finally got my gears in. i've had the parts for about 6 months prior and never had the time to get them in until now. Brian at Duffee Motorsports put them in and did an excellent job. no gear whine and no vibrations at any speed. i'm very pleased. i supplied the parts and he charged $350 for the labor on the install, a tracloc rebuild and all new bearing replacement. i reccomend him for any of you guys in phoenix/scottsdale. :nice:
  2. i did the same swap a few months ago. fells like a different car
  3. ya it's a pretty nice jump in performance. plus my exhaust sounds oh so nice cruising on the freeway at 2500. :nice:
  4. thats a transition 273 to 373

    its always good to have parts sit around for a while i have a fluidyne radiator sitting in my room for a year.
  5. Man I need to put my 3.73's in. :(
  6. give it to me

    just a thought:D
  7. gees ^^^ what mods do you have that allows you to run 14.5 without gears and a 2.3 60tf?!?
  8. Umm, straight pipes, 1.7 RR's and a CAI. :shrug:
    I did a little weight reduction too though, took all the spare tiree crap out, passenger seat removed, and I have a rear seat delete.
  9. nice.... hey guys, quick question. do i need to change the gear oil after a certain amount of time? brian, who did my gears, said just go through a heat cycle for the new bearings, but didn't say anything about changing the oil. everywhere i've been reading, people say to change the fluid after break in. is it necessary?
  10. Ive never heard anything about needing to change the oil.
  11. i changed mine after 500 miles just because i wanted to
  12. I changed mine out to synthetic after I put about 500 miles on them. The old stuff still looked fine though.
  13. me too....granted i'm torn on them or 4.10....probably go 3.73 though since it is more of a fun car than a race car, and as everybody does I have plans but don't know what they are yet. lol
  14. i wanna do 3.73's but im scared to mess up
  15. i never changed the gear oil when i did my rear end...? i just put royal purple in it and bolted it up... haha hummm..runs fine.

    i can tell you i would never do gears by myself haha glad i had a friend that has done a few dozen rear gear changes haha
  16. cool. i didn't relaly think it was necessary, just making sure...

    on another note, i really need some drag radials haha. traction on 315 sumitomos is nonexistent. i can't even imagine 4.10's on street tires.
  17. lol i will let you know haha im getting 4.10's but it wont be a 315 street tire lol...i dont think the tribars would like that haha...so im sure it will be spinning them like no other being smaller