2.8l Kenne Bell Mammoth On 97 Gt. Anyone Done It?

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  1. I'm looking into adding a Kenne Bell to my '97 Mustang. The motor is a DSS long block stroked to 5.0 with Twist Wedge heads and Anderson Motorsports cams. So I was trying to decided which would be the best blower (from KB) for this application and noticed that the larger Mammoth models aren't sold for 96-98 2V. I called KB tech line and asked them which unit would work for my car and they said they don't make a model for 96-98 anymore, but people have installed the model for 99-04 with some modifications. This is where I'm looking for help.

    He hashed over some of the mods that would need to be done, but I'm not sure all of them will be necessary. First of all, the block is not a '97. I don't know exactly what year it is, but I'm trying to find out. My point is that the only thing that is really from a '97 GT on that car is the ignition, wiring harnesses, alternator, brackets and such. He said that the block would have to be ground down somewhere around the "lifter valley," alternator bracket would need to be changed, ignition would need to be swapped to coil-on-plug system, as well as some other mods for sensors and such.

    So, if anyone has done this kind of install or know of any other threads or sites about it, I'd appreciate your help.
  2. Same as a P.I. install, well almost. I think Sneaky gt did a full P.I. on his 98 gt.
  3. There will be grinding required on heads and the intake. There is a tutorial with large high res pics on the net for this somewhere, the Corral maybe. That part I do know. The pi/nonpi stuff no idea.
  4. I just finished my 96 GT build which is cobra teksid block, p&p pi heads, manley internals stroked to 5.0, and I put a KB 2.1 on it and didn't have to do any grinding or modifications. I spoke to KB before moving forward and they still had all the parts and pieces I needed to make it work on my 96. The only thing I am not sure of is the difference between the 2.8 Mammoth and the 2.1 outside of the air inlet with the larger throttle body. I can promise you will love it though!!!
  5. The mammoth requires grinding only on TFS heads.
  6. Me thinks he is more concerned about the added electronics from the P.I. swap.