Drivetrain 2.95 1st Gear In A T

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  1. I've seen the "world class" T5 advertised with a 2.95 first gear ratio.
    I've never talked to anyone that runs one, but I'm thinking it would be advantageous as 3.35:1 with a 3.73 rear equals basically grabbing 2nd as fast as I can and it still spins through 1st gear no matter how easy I launch.
    Can a 2.95 1st gear set be put in any T5? Is it worth it? I'm having syncros replaced anyway while motor is out so I'm thinking about this, again.
  2. Yeah nevermind, after talking to transmission guy in town that's way too expensive having to change the whole cluster and everything
  3. i was going to say, a lot of expense for little gain.
  4. I had a t5 z spec, i'm pretty sure that was the first gear.
    Didn't love it, but then again the car was much less powerful back then.

    With big power that gearing can be an asset.
    Any other time those gears are just fun killers.
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  5. I was going to add...

    The gearset is expensive. It used to be $400ish about 3-4 years ago, but now has shot up to $600-700 for the gearset alone. I was going to build a 2.95 Z-spec T-5 until I saw how much they went up in cost.

    It's cheaper now to just change the final drive gearing
  6. love my T5Z It was a nice improvement over my old whiney one!