2 New Systems For The Mustang!

Discussion in 'Vendor Sponsor Forums' started by Dynomax, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Axle back system that gains you 18 HP and 17 TQ. It uses our VT muffler so no more annoying drone!


    Add a some more horse power to your V6.

    I don't sell direct, so ask your favorite retailer for a great deal on a stainless steel system!
  2. How much of that 18 hp is from the tune? Will I pick up 18 from simply swapping on the catback parts and pulling it back onto the dyno?
  3. The way we come to this number is dyno a stock Mustang, take off the stock system and put ours on and dyno it again. So this is just from removing the restrictive stock muffler and installing the freest flowing muffler out there. Also no drone as well.