40th Anniv 2 questions

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 04 gt guy, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. ok do u know how to disengage the sensor on the seatbelt so it wont beep with it off? and are all 04 40th anniversary mustangs?
  2. The seat belt alarm....there is a way to turn it off but i do not remember the sequence.....try asking the question in 4.6 modular forum......all 04 mustangs are not 40th anniversary even though the badge on the front fender says 40th anniversary. The only true 40th anniversary mustangs have a $1000 upgrade package....bullitt pedals, special floormats, theres a 40th anniversay badge down by the shifter, theres no trunk wing, the rims are painted to match the stripes on the hood/trunk. The only colors you could get the 40thanniversay in were black, white & crimson red. You could only get the crimson red if you bought a 40th....black & white came with any model of mustang.
  3. well crap on that. welll still love my 04 gt
  4. So then why do they put the 40th annv. badges on them? Why wouldnt all '04 be 40th annv.? I thought I was special :( .....well I guess I can change my badges now since they have no real meaning.

  5. same issue as the 35th Anniversary "Limited Edition" GT. All 1999 Mustangs(except Cobra) came with 35th emblems. However, only 4628 had the optional "Limited Edition" package.
    Its always been confusing to some. But there is quite a difference.