2 Redfire cobra's are better than 1 ;)

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  1. Thanks for the new wallpaper! :)

    btw.... if u took those pictures, what kind of camera did u use?
  2. yeah I took them.. Canon Rebel XT :)
  3. nice pics. how much did you pay for the camera?? i've got a $400 kodak that i just bought and it doesnt take pictures taht look that good!
  4. Those are incredibly clean stangs, and incredibly good pictures :p
  5. AWESOME pics and AWESOME stangs.. Keepin it clean :nice:

    Canon Rebel XT :hail2: :drool:
  6. camera retails for about $899 now.. it used to be $999 :)
  7. Beautiful! Very nice :nice:
  8. real nice pictures!! Not to take anything away from your pictures, but the overcast skies help the colors and chrome pop!
  9. Awesome cars and pictures. i just got a Nikon D50..i can't wait till it gets a little warmer so i can detail the stang and take some pics....
  10. :eek: x2 haha
  11. My mom (newspaper photographer) just got one of those! The D50 takes amazing photos, but I hate the user interface :(

    Nice stang pics, I love the one of the GT - looks surreal! :nice:
  12. :eek: + :eek: + :jaw:
  13. nice pics... did you clone those cobras or what? they're practically identical lol
  14. You should be able to afford it. You have a Borla and Bassani exhaust system!!!
  15. Wait, what's that smell? Oh, that's just long antennas.

    I need to cut mine soon. Good freemod for today!

  16. yeah right.... haha... especially on a camera....i been looking to get a new one... and 300 is still too much for me.....haha... but when it gets to things for my car... i dont mind...haha
  17. nope they are two different cars.. one has the chrome svt wheels, the other has a more satin finish.. one has the pony emblem on front the other has the cobra.. and there's a few other differences
  18. Wow, impressive cars and camera shots.