Expired 2 Stryker 340 Lph Fuel Pumps

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  1. These two 340 lph Stryker fuel pumps were used for just a few months. All parts are included except one pump needs a new filter. Selling the pair for $200 shipped.

    Each Pump Includes:
    Fuel Pump (Offset Inlet-Inline)
    (2) High Pressure Hose Clamps
    Wiring Pigtail
    Submersible Fuel Hose
    Fuel Pump Pre-Filter

    Flow Data Summary

    Calibrated for Gasoline.
    345LPH at 40psi
    335LPH at 43.5psi
    310LPH at 50psi
    275LPH at 60psi
    260lph at 70psi
    230lph at 80psi
    205lph at 90psi

    Compared to the Walbro GSS342
    255LPH at 40psi
    225LPH at 60psi
    195LPH at 80psi
    165LPH at 90psi




  2. Items located in Dayton Ohio.
  3. still for sale
  4. Still have these. Will sell the pair for $180 or $100 for just 1.

    These are returnless pumps for 99-04.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.