Roush 2 valve, valve covers?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by THX 138, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. What options are out there to replace the stock plastic valve covers?
  2. My family has a machine shop would anyone want some billet CNC "SALEEN" valve covers?
  3. Price? Do you have an example? I'd be interested.
  4. Hell Yeah!
  5. What kind:) of Money are we talking about!

    2000 SC281 Black Saleen #0388
  6. Depends if its from a solid block of aluminum=$$$, cast then machined like the BBK's, or possibly something else I can think of like welded aluminum sheets or plates and then machined.
  7. team breed makes some really nice valve covers

  8. No 05-07 versions though?
  9. no, but ford racing sells powdercoated valve covers and polished ones for the 05
  10. They have a powdercoated "chrome" finish, but I didn't see any true polished ones.

    Billet would be nice, but I doubt they could be made for a reasonable price.

    You are probably looking at 5-600.00 if not more for a set.
  11. I recommend the Team Breed covers. No leaks like most of the others I know of.

  12. Is that a stand alone milled plate, or did TB mill that into the cover itself?
  13. They mill and engrave the casting. They didn't do the paint detail, though.