2 valve vs 4 valve

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  1. Easy folks (*cough...mogs*)...no need to blow a head gasket here. Its just a friendly debate. :D
  2. I please to aim! :nice: ..... wait... :scratch:
  3. so my 2v has more street potential than a 4v? And 4v will be a better bet if you want something like a race track car? thats interesting. theres a lot of good info flying in this argument, please keep arguing :)
  4. That is a perfect assessment!
  5. NO! That is not what I said. The 4v can make more HP but will not be as drive able. Some of us live in large city's and yes anything can be driven on the street. I drove my SBC with roller cam, and 5.86:1 rear on the street back in the '70s.
  6. What is the most power anyone has seen out of a 5 liter (or very close) N/A two valve? I am very curious as I haven't a clue. The most I have seen out of a bored over Teksid block with 03/04 Cobra heads N/A and 5 liter size was 471 hp, I would bet there is a higher one out there but that was a Sean Highland built one. :shrug:
  7. well i get the part that anything can be driven on the street but there are some rides out there that wouldnt make sense to drive everyday. i see alot of trailer queens at the track that wouldnt make sense to have sitting at a stoplight in the city. :D
  8. That's not bad, but also keep in mind that basically stock, the 4v wins out. The 2v doesn't win out until you start with head porting, cams and more compression.

  9. Well I'll let everybody know how mine turns out when I get her back.
  10. what is natzy from SVTP running in his car? i know he is all NA but i dont remember his CI's or HP
  11. IDK, I am hardley ever on there.

  12. touche` STAN.

    oh and 322-330 cu.in 4v's making 500+ rwhp are common.(in racing circles)

    and there are NO 400RWHP 2V'S IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.
  13. roughly 200rwhp more than a 2v.

    i know this is apples to whatever, but its the 2v guys saying'my ported 2v will outpower a 4v', not me.

    i started out as a die hard 5.0 guy, then a PI2v, then a 3v, and now a 4v. top of the food chain.
  14. Really....show me a N/A 400hp 2V. I have yet to see it? :shrug:
  15. 5.0L pushrod FTMFW... oh wait, i'm in the wrong section of this forum :p
  16. *Cough* The current fastest N/A 2V that broke KenB's N/A 1/4 mark made 434 RWHP.*/Cough* Granted it was a 5.0L Big-Bore but non the less it easily made 400 RWHP.

  17. Agree 100%
  18. Link :shrug:
  19. Brian,

    This car did this almost 3 years ago. A lot can change in 3 years. IE, that member's Modular Depot account is now considered a Guest account which you can't search posts by user name of guest accounts. The best I can do right now is someone 2.5 years ago mentioning how he achieved 428 RWHP.

    ModularFords.com - View Single Post - 400rwhp NA?
  20. Ok, at 434 rwhp and knowing that 471 exists for the 4V then you see the 4V makes more power. Being the block is the same then the difference must be the heads. So.............. 4V>2V
    Thanks for the help in proving my point :nice: