2 valve vs 4 valve

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  1. Actually 500 RWHP has been done on the 4V. I am not arguing either way. Just putting it out there that the 2V has achieved 400 RWHP N/A for the non-believers.

    I am not one that is big on dyno numbers. A 96 - 98 Cobra makes more RWHP than a PI GT, but that same GT will give that Cobra a good run in the 1/4. There is more to the equation than dyno numbers...
  2. Oh I agree and I figured SOMEONE was breaking 400 rwhp with a 2V NA. I dont even know what the question of this thread was :rlaugh: but the fact is a 4V head can make more power then a 2V.
    I am not taking away from the 2V, the engine is killer but the 4V has more power potential in any trim :shrug:
  3. very close to 600rwhp is the mark for the top 4v guys.