20" Cobra R Motorsports Rims

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  1. Does anyone have any pics of 99+ Mustangs with these rims (or any 20" size 5 spoke rim)... http://www.mrbodykit.com/wheels/index.htm

    I'd like to see them on a car before thinking about buying them. Thanks
  2. 20s are gay and so are ppl that put them on stangs...anythign over 17 is ****ing stupid
  3. oohhhhh, i didnt realize that... thanks for letting me know that the size of your rim indicates your sexual orientation... :nonono:

    ...anyone with useful information?
  4. Unbelievable :chair:

    OK.......I have saved enough money to be ****ing stupid already (18s) but I'm really trying to save enough to be gay........(If your comment about anything is soooooo narrow minded its best kept to yourself)
  5. Hey,if you want 20's on your mustang then go for it.I think they look baddass with the right spring and rim combo with 20's.If you wanna see some pics of mustangs with 20's then try cardomain.com
  6. Hmmm... my car doesnt look gay and I'm runnin 19x9's up front and 20x11's in the back.


  7. what rims are those? Very nice
  8. yeah that looks ****ing gay
  9. i love the look of big rims out back.
  10. That Cobra looks awesome, I love staggered wheels! I had staggered 19's on my BMW...
  11. i dont really like 19's and up thats JMO but those look some kinda awsome. after seeing that i think that the cobra Rs would look great and if i had that body style i would go with that wheel size. to each his own do what you think looks good on your car and screw it if people hate it it's your car. life is to short to worry about what people think
  12. If anything is bigger then 17s are stupid then i guess every 00 Cobra R is gay. And I guess FR500 rims are stupid too.....
  13. Here are my old 20 inch Cobra R rims that came on my car when I bought it:


    and here are my new 18 inch rims:



  14. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ tell us what kind of wheels those are????
  15. Holy hell they must weigh a ton.

    That Cobra is sweet though!
  16. honestly, 20's on mustangs defeat the purpose of a mustang, unless u drop it a lil then i woulndt do it, it raises the whole car up way higher then it should, iv seen this guy around here with 20's on his, and it sits a good 6-8 inches off the ground, if u want a lifted mustang, get a suspension lift(sarcasm)..but if if you lower it and get 20's it will look nice
  17. I got 18's and it's lowered about a inch and a half. I hit so much crap oin the street. I broke my k member last year cause of a pothole.

    just a little info for you to think about
  18. Believe the wheels on that yellow cobra are HRE 847R. Expensive as hell but not so heavy unless they are chrome (probly polished).
  19. I expected 20's to look alot more ginormous on a mustang than that... they looked huge on my friends LS.

    The ones on that cobra look amazing, if I had the funds and less potholes around I'd definately do it
  20. Individuality is one of the things that makes this hobby so great. When most people think of 20" wheels, they think of SUV's.

    The pics above illustrate 20" wheels on a Mustang is not always a bad thing.