+20 HP chips on ebay?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Cjz 2oo4, May 26, 2004.

  1. Do they work? are they worth buying?
  2. They are crap and only make the car burn more gas than it needs to.
  3. They aren't chips. They're resistors. They tell your intake air thermo that the air coming in is colder than it is, forcer more gas into the engine, thus burning more gas. Burning more gas = more power produced.

    It's dumb, don't waste your money. Get real mods, like CAI or exhaust.
  4. Ponyjoe took the words right out of my mouth. Resistors = :bs: :notnice:
    I dont think that tricking your computer into thinking the air is colder is going to have very good long term side effects :rolleyes: (anyone know of any bad things happening? like... kaboom?)
  5. man Ghostalker and Ponyjoe beat me to it! Dang them! lol. :stupid:

    Anyway, those will mess up your car worse than a bad mechanic could putting on an "s" pipe. lol. (joke referring to a previous thread)
  6. from what i have heard... the guy at the magic muffler shop says S pipes OWN :shrug:
  7. Go ahead and have them put on that S pipe. I've got a M pipe going on my car shortly and you will surely get :owned:

    S Pipe...
  8. lets not forget about the all to popular # and & pipes!

    M pipe
  9. oh come on you know that star pipe owns EVERYONE!!!! (remember that picture? lol)
  10. you know, this one?

  11. :lol: :rlaugh:
    who would own that, a fricken FAIRY?! :shrug:
  12. well the stock air intake temperature is variable it tells the cpu how cold or hot the air comming in teh car is, think about how much more sluggish the car feels in the cold vs heat, not that thats all that affects it but just for example. the resistor you get makes the cpu think that its very cold air comming in and forces more fuel to be dumped into the mix. its pretty much worthless, it might be useful if you knew your car was running really lean adn you just had to drive it some where or something but dont expect more than 1hp gain and the long term effects of running rich is a bad thing. your gas milage will be horrible also.
  13. Dumb A$$ needs to write xtodaz & MTV to pimp his ride. :lol: