20 inch foose wheels fit gt500???

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by nycstang37, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. i just picked up a set of gt500 brembos but i have 20inch fooses. i was wondering if i have the caliper clearance for these, if not then i have to settle and sell them :(. i know i shoudl have checked first but i could not pass up the deal. thanks.
  2. 6 piston or 4... and what size rotor 14" or 13"...??
  3. 4 piston brembos, and 14in rotors, these are factory brakes on the gt500. as your name inplies, why do you ask?lol
  4. They will fit fine I was running the 6 piston brembos with a 14' rotor on 18" rims on my old 03 ....! post pics of the install when your done !
  5. the diameter of the rim is not the problem, its the clearance with the spokes of the rim hitting the caliper. the wheels are coming off the car soon for the winter so i will do some testing to see how much room i really have. if i can get away with grinding some of the caliper i may do that. btw you have any pics of your setup from the 03?
  6. ya here ill post them tonight when I get home Im at work and dont have access to an uploader'. Pm me your email and I can send every single one I have from the differnt angles
    The Brembo's used in 03 and those used on the 05+ are different by 10 fold when it comes to mounting and construction.

    I think your out of luck, there are very few wheels that will fit over the factory Shelby brembo's. ROUSH and Shelby wheels fit, also American Racing has a few since they make the 20" that Shelby sells with the Shelby name on them....

    Good luck let us know if you find out something different :)
  8. bullitt2343,
    glad you posted, i forgot about this post, lol. actually i think i found a set of wheels that will work. according to a few vendors, the new bullitt motorsports 454 style wheels in 20 inches work onm the shelby gt500's. they are the bullitt style wheels that have the rivets in them if you've never seen em. they are a mix of teh foose and bullit style wheels. go to stage3motorsports.com, they have them if you are interested in checking them out. they dont have them listed under the gt500 but i called and asked them about it.