20 inch rims question

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  1. i need some help. I want to put 20x8.5 rims in front and back of my 97 non gt mustang. Question will they fill w/o any modifications and Question 2 what size tire would I need for these thanks alot

  2. They will fit on up to a 2in drop but you dont want to put 20's on a mustang TRUST ME.
  3. 2001 Mustang Gt tire size fitment question

    Can I fit 275/40 17 front and back on my 01 mustang gt, does anyone know?
  4. yes, without a problem.. what size wheels

  5. Why doesn't he want to put 20's on a mustang? Isn't it his choice?
    I mean, he just said he wants to but now you're telling him he doesn't want to? I don't get it
  6. because they will barely fit in the back, and probably rub in the front no matter what tire size he uses, which would make him go through tires at an extremely fast rate, which = $$$$$$$, and the fact that the thin sidewall will make the ride almost unbearable
  7. as for the tire size, go with a 245/30-35 or 255/30-35, both are around $220-$260 per tire, depending on the brand.. a bfg g-force kdw-2 at 245/35/20 goes for $237 on tirerack
  8. Oh yeah get the 20s or even bigger (the better). That Calastoga Wagon look is the bomb. Heck why bother with rubber....get a wood tire.

    Nothing like making a car really look like a Hotwheel. All ya need now is to bubble wrap it and hang it up in the toy aisle at WalMart.:rlaugh: :rlaugh: