20 Inch Rims???????

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  1. I would like to see comparison weight sheets of ex:

    20" three piece forgeline to

    18" FR500

    I'd bet you would be surprised

  2. The 20" wheels I have on the rear are lighter than ANY 18" wheel that Ford offers. (Ive had them all) Lighter than Bullett,Cobra R,Fr500 or Saleen. The only wheel that is comparable in weight is the Steeda Ultralight. Actual rolling diameter (wheel/tire) is EXACTLY the same as someone rolling with 285/35/18s.

    As far as breaking axles....If you have a fully built rear end, wheel/tire size is a non issue.
  3. oh please, apples to oranges. How about 20" Bullits to 18" three piece rims
    I bet you'd be suprised
  4. Well, yes. Built rear FTW - but im talking about wheels beyond your specific applicability. As any wheel debate should
  5. There are a TON of 20" wheels that are light weight and very strong, that would make a great application on many vehicles. I think you are just generalizing, because 90% of the pictures on the internet of 20" wheels on mustangs are ghetto ass "flea market blingers." Which....does completly look like ass, and gives them a bad name all together.
  6. i think the 22" rims on the 3d carbon are some of the best looking rims on a s197


    although i wouldnt want them as a daily driver as i would imagine that they might be a bit rough on ride quality.
  7. there are a TON of 18" light as hell wheels as well, might as well compare apples to apples since you're assuming the average wheel buyer can drop that kind of cash on chrome accessories. I'm not saying your set-up looks bad, and after all you're only running 20" in the back for a reason, cuz most commonly they look foreign on these cars.
  8. 99BRINGIT,
    I think you nailed it!

    Ive seen that ride. I believe that body kit came out after the GTR concept (could be wrong). I dont know if I like the more spokey wheels on the new Mustang or a five spoke yet. I would of liked to have seen those wheels with either a red or white insert instead of the gray.

  9. I don't know....that "look" reminds me WAY too much of this:
  10. You mean something like this?... :rlaugh:

    see more here
  11. its pretty sad when we have a thread about dubs that has almost 15000 views......
  12. you can thank google
  13. Ok over 3yrs old.. thought I would get this thread going again.. this here is your regular camaro driver...lol..:rlaugh:

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