20 Inch Rims???????

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  1. to all those who said 20's are too much... you should check out a stang with 19" rims. :worship: :nice: they fill up the wheel wells perfectly, and look super sweet. I saw a thread with a mystic cobra had a set of them. c'est magnifique!
  2. Hey,
    Thanks for the pic post Nick. I have the silver 00 with the 20s. I am running the Nitto 555 275/30/20 tires on the back and 245/35/20s on the front. The wheels are 20x11 on the rear and 20x9 on the front. It rides good and I have had nothing but good comments from everyone. Everyone said it couldnt be done, but there are a few doing it. Post some pics when you get it done...
  3. By the way, for the guy saying it slows you down, I have run low 12's at 113 on a 100 shot and 5 bolts ons and 3.27 gears with the 20s on. I even have it on video. Hope this helps.

    Can you take some close ups of your wheels for me??

    I cant get that wide of a tire in the back because I need the wheel to be able to tuck up in the wheel when I deflat all the air in the air ride suspension. I like the 30 series more that the 35.

  5. that looks alot like snkchmr's car, even with the same badges.... :scratch:
  6. If I'm not mistaken that GT badge comes from a 60's Stang. I believe it comes from the wheel centercap of a real 1968 GT rim. That model had a rim with rounded corners on rectangular holes all the way around the rim, with a 5in. centercap like a hub cap in the middle. I think that GT was on the cap of those real GT Stangs.

    So at least it comes from a Stang. I like it, but doubt I'll do that to my Stang at the same time.:nice:
  7. i think 20" is a little bit too much...especiall ychrome ones...looks like a cadillac escalade in a hip hop tv show..lol...
    i would stick with a lower stang with 18"...
    does anyone have pictures of 19" rims ?...never see a stang with that...
  8. I love the rims on the silver Mustang. Great looking!!

    I think the Bullitt would look better if the fronts were 18's and leave the rears 20's. Love the GT badges also. I can't believe someone called those rice...:rolleyes: gimme a break.:nonono:
  9. Bye Bye Traction and ET's
  10. Just by chance anyone got the tire and rim specs on that true blue bullit with 20's and where are those rims from? And what about those scoops on the rear window pillars? Thanks
  11. If I still had a '99+ Stang ( I sold my '99 Cobra too soon) I'd have to have some 19" or 20" rims! The wheel wells on those cars are huge! My 17" stock wheel and Cobra R's looked tiny on my Cobra!

    Vitoman's car is awesome in person! Those wheels look like they were made for that car!

    20" rims to cruise and 15" rims at the track...That's what I'm talking about!
  12. Actually those are Torino GT emblems
  13. Here's one....
  14. another....
  15. I think rims nowadays are more of an asthetic(spelling?) choice than a performance choice. All our cars come with 17's which are an excellent compromise between ride-handling-traction. I agree that a set of 20" chrome spinners on 99+ is not something I would ever go for,but wanting something big(18"-20") is not a bad idea. If traction is a big deal-then 15's with slicks and skinnies up front are the way to go. I say 18's are nice and I have to say that those 20" Bullit style rims are HOT! If I had the cash,I'd definately hit up a set of 19 or 20 inchers for driving around on.

    My .02 cents

    How about these:24" of PS fun!

  16. I think once I get set in the go department I'm going to slap some 19 or 20 in rims on my stang, seems like 18's are becoming really popular and the bigger rims just fill up the 99 and up wheel wells perfectly. after seeing 99 + stangs w/ big rims.. that is for sure what I want to do. some can be pretty tacky, but with the right rims and right drop.. it looks very nice.
  17. Snkchmr actually copied this car:lol:!
    It's a sweet looking car and I remembered when it first posted evryone wanted to know all about it.
  18. 24" :puke:
    20" :notnice:
    19" :shrug: Little bit too big.

    I think 18" is the perfect size. Plus, even if someone can run 12's with big homeboy brother 20's, you could do even better with some Weld's.

  19. :rolleyes:
  20. what company even makes those 20" bullitts? cuz i havent seen any info on them. I honestly wish i could find that thread from svtperformance.com, cuz this guy had the nicest set of 19" rims on his mystic. It really made me think twice about what to get. Ive got 18" Saleen replicas, but then again, I'm not going to be racing my car all the time, my eventual goal is a show car that could race, if i wanted to.