20 Inch Rims???????

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  1. after seeing the bullitt with 20's and my friend's car with 20's I think it would be cool to have them on my car. I think those torq thrusts on the bullitt would look pretty nice on my car.. but I want engine stuff before.. also .. here is a pic of the silver car with 15 inch welds all around.. this is last weekend at the track.


    maybe while he has the weld's on we can slap the 20's on my car and snap a couple pics of the sonic blue stang on dubs lol.
  2. Thats Killer Man :worship: Beautiful :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

  3. i've been ripped :damnit::jester:
  4. :nice: 19's i believe :worship:
  5. Sorry but this thread makes me wanna :puke:
  6. here's some pics of my 19"s, i know i know, needs to be lowered, doing that sooon...

  7. Graphix17 what kinda wheels are those i would have gotten 17's or 18 in them but thats just me. They look like a fancy steeda ultra-lite 2

  8. they're Mahdi Ceasar's, they only had them in 19's, i was looking at the bbs rk plasma's in 18's but everyone seems to have 18's and i had 17's stock, so i decided to take a step away from the mustang crowd and go with something a little different
  9. Ack!

    no No NO!

    Too big, too bling. 18" at the most.
  10. how about any more pics

    I recently sold my dubs cause they were heavy. im trying to get some sweet new forged wheels or something custom in 20 inch. i have a 99 green cobra does any one have pics of any more stangs on dubs. :spot: or sweet 19s :shrug:

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  11. for teh love of god, no bigger than 19, and even that is pushing it :(
  12. and also has any one seen the 20 inch saleen replicas, i know they have 20 inch cobra r rims, but i dont mean those. i seen a 96 or 98 black gt on 20 inch saleen wheels looked out of this world guy said he got em off ebay any one have info.
  13. god those are some freaking fugly cars
  14. 19's should be as big as you go on a mustang and if you wanna go with 20's leave it for just the back please, dont gay up nice mustangs guys, and one last time they are called WHEELS NOT RIMS.
  15. I need pics of cars like these not asking for haters opinions

    I am interested in these wheels cause I Race so 1. you wouldint expect forged 20s you would think hevy a$$ rims no power 2. you wouldint expect a bottle 3. you wouldint expect me to take your cash
    got it. (sleeper -you know you pulled up to one before ) for racing to pay for school. :spot: check out pics I bet they make you think twice...

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  16. Wow, those wheels are really ugly.
  17. :stupid:
  18. The bullit rim's look nice for 20's! :D
  19. im sorry buddy, but 20's look rediculous on mustangs. anybody that will judge you in a show you think youll win cuz you have 20's on your mustang is gonna think just as we do that they simply look like clown shows on your car... do what you want but thats the general feeling around here.. peace
  20. damn son..... :chair: